Saturday, March 27, 2010

Follow the money

If any journalist (or anyone else for that matter) out there actually wants to know why one scandal after the other is surfacing surrounding the climategate affairs – follow the money.

It is very easy.

And I’m not talking about certain individuals like Al “I invented internet” Gore or the fraudulent Rajendra Pachauri who earn millions upon millions on easily duped idiots. And I am not talking about certain banks and steal companies earning billions on release rights and carbon swaps.

What I’m referring to is the science community.

For many years now all you needed to do as a researcher was to say you were to investigate how manmade global warming affected something or what impact it has on whatnot and you get founding coming out of your ears.

- So what do you need these billions for?
- I am going to investigate how carbondioxid causes longer fingernails and what impact this has on unemployment.
- Fantastic. Here you go. Just let us know if you need more money.

But even more important is how little (zero) money that has poured into the field of real science. Environmentalist freaks usually argue that big oil and huge companies throw billions at researchers coming up with evil conclusions contrary to that of the UN. That is not only wrong; it is the complete opposite of the truth.

Just look at any university, any science grant or what kinds of organizations that earns billions. Every country on this planet has taken ordinary citizens hard earned tax money and literarily thrown it at climate researchers. I’ve seen official calculations saying that at least $200 billion is tunneled into such con-artists pockets each year.

And what happens to those going against the Church of Climatology?

Well, think ‘Spanish inquisition’ and you get the general idea. Anyone standing up saying the truth is deemed a heretic and a “denier”. Such people get ostracized, bullied, fired and even worse. There are very few universities and science clubs out there that allow a “denier” to roam in their mist. Even death threats are very common.

Those supporting the scam have all the money, all the support and all the legislators on their side. The ones actually trying to do science is getting laughed at, they lose their jobs, get threats and have hardly any money and no support.

Even if you have bought the hoax and believe in manmade global warming, it is still not so hard to understand why so many faults are being made. They don’t need to do research or in-depth digging, it is not necessary. All they need to do is show a paper once in a while and they get millions, if not billions, thrown at them. Is that the sort of environment were science and facts thrive?

There are two things that immediately turns you into a “denier”.

Firstly follow the money. As said above, once you realize how much these tricksters earn and what they stand to lose if manmade global warming is outed as the hoax it is, you cannot believe anything they say anymore.

Secondly, pick one statement they have, anyone of them. Then follow the conclusions and check it against facts, geological history and the alternative view. If you find one single argument, one statement, a single thing the UN or the scary doomsayers says that can be proven, then I will eat my laptop, dance naked outside parliament and hand you £100 from my own money.

There is no such thing as manmade global warming, there never was and most likely never will be.

It is a scam and it is about money and control over our lives.

This is the biggest con-game in the history of the human race. Never before has so few earned so much money swindling so many on so little facts.

I can sort of understand people leaning towards socialist or religious ideas, and I even get why people get tricked by fractional reserve banking and the inflation scam. Every trick, every made-belief idiocy and all the governments cons throughout history I sort of get, but not this one.

The manmade global warming scare is so stupid it makes the “moon is made out of cheese” statement into that of wisdom.

How long are you going to allow them to steal your money and thrust this scam down your throats?

Thousands gather to protest against global warming…


  1. Ever heard about a fellow named Popper? Case is that if you are good at science you should have done so.

    Poppers major point is that you can never prove anything at all, science build on the idea that you have a hypothesis and start to look for facts to verify it. This hypothesis is what the common folk call a theory.

    In case you fail to disprove the hypothesis it is upgraded to the status of scientific theory. The critical point is that this is the final state, it can never get better than the status "a theory that have not been disproved".

    A scientific law is something completely different that describe a mathematical relationship between properties. For instance Newton postulate how acceleration and force is connected. This can never be disproved, increased measuring properties limit the area when the "law" holds, but the law remain.

    Looking at your argument about follow the money it apply in both directions. It is true that many scientists have financial gains of supporting the man made warming theory. On the other hand it is equally true that many rich companies today depend on the warming not being true. Why have these companies not been able to find alternate explanations of how the climate work?

    The man made warming remain a real concern so long as there are no plausible explanations about why man made warming would not happen.

    Feel free to compare this to a fire hazard. It is given that a fire might not have happened when we speak about the hazard from a bad electric wiring, but is equally true that until we have convinced ourselves that the bad wiring is not a real hazard the concern to loosing everything due to fire is a real worry.

  2. "On the other hand it is equally true that many rich companies today depend on the warming not being true."

    Name one.

    "Why have these companies not been able to find alternate explanations of how the climate work?"

    Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen that yellow thing?

    "The man made warming remain a real concern so long as there are no plausible explanations about why man made warming would not happen."

    I have a pink Alien-monster detection device to sell to you. If you don't own one, your in danger since there are no plausible explanations to why an pink Alien-monster would not kill you.

  3. Follow the money? Sure but it's not so much about the scientific community as it is about creating a new economical world order.

    The west is loosing ground quickly and dramatically, whilst China is winning..

    Iran has the world's largest reservoirs of natural gas, and is currently and unfavorably allied with China and Russia.. They also don't want to trade with the dollar.. (good reasons for setting the stage for state-sponsored false-flag attacks and war)

    The globalists are in desperete need for the opinion to support the step-by-step intoduction of a new central and super-national global government. It's happening right now in the name of "save the environment" (why should we trust the elite, their track record is kind of scary..)

    And what reason to introduce global government would be better than the CO2-scam?

    CO2 (almost as scary sounding as H2O!) is related to everything, everything! (For example without it there would be no plant life..)

    And thus everything is going to be possible to tax due to this fact. And believe me when I say that the collected money is going to be used to introduce new political organs and a global control grid rather than saving poor people in Africa from global warming (this winter was the coldest in over 180 years in many regions of the world, by the way..)

    It is a type of ecofacism coupled with socialism that is gradually rolled out with money from central banks. A perfect match for the richest of the rich enabling them to gain even more control of national markets, introduce new taxes and speed up the development of their freaky control grid (Big brother society - CCTVs, scanning of all internet data transfers, phonecalls, naked-body scanning which is unhealthy, saving naked 3D-models in databases together with fingerprints, DNA profile etc).

    This is scary stuff considering what etitists do at Boheamian grove, Skull and Bones and how the corporate media isn't doing its job - reporting on the grave conspiracies at work. Oh yeah that's funny? Not at all. They're lauging at us, and really we deserve it. You have not be more than ignorant not to see that 9/11 was an inside-job involving western intelligence service(s).. One has to be plainly out in the blue not to recognize how western elitists finanzed communist USSR, the nazis, Mao, endless wars, covert operations, MK ultra with its sick cultural impacts, Paperclip, terrorism and torture against their own people, and all kinds of scams, including the one that of CO2..

    Journalists at major newspapers are simply too afraid or ignorant to investigate these issues. If they did they'd sure have a hard time sleeping vuz there's so much to do to stop these criminal networks at work.

    The rabbit hole as for "follow the money"..well that would be central banks like IMF who've finanzed the "science" as well as the propaganda machine (the "consensus" if you will).

  4. Well Mr. Anonymous fella, I don’t buy all the NWO thingies, but as far as consequences goes, it hardly matters. The end result will pretty much be the same.