Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It is election year already?

The Swedish ‘Alliance’ government has earmarked hundreds of millions of kronor for a hike in child benefits for families with several children, as well as investment in summer jobs for Sweden's youth. Summer schools will also receive a 20 million kronor boost in 2010.

What? It is election year? Who said that?

I was listening to the radio while driving too fast and ignoring all traffic signs, when the Prime Mentalist explained that Sweden could afford this (no we can’t) since we’ve been better than many others. So while other countries cut expenditures and raise taxes, Sweden’s leadership can throw money around. To my knowledge it’s only the UK, the Czech Republic and Sweden that has general elections in Europe this year…

But the mentalist in charge do have a slim point.

Sweden’s government has been horrible. Imposing a fascist control-grid, wasting money on useless projects, helping the central bank to increase inflation and build more bubbles in the economy, the torture of the young thingy is a hoot, and the totalitarian Minister of justice is just icing on the cake.

But they are still better than almost all else out there. Isn’t that special?

Only looking at the public debt and contrary what the opposition would have done it’s a almost a heaven sent to have a government that sold off public companies and lowered taxes on the working man while decreasing the amounts you get while being sick and not working.

If the more true socialists had been in charge our public debt wouldn’t have been paid off with several tens of billions before the crisis begun and it would increase much more now. Sweden would probably be more in line with UK’s problems.

This world has gone very far down the crapper when you almost salute a government consistent of a semi-fascist center-left mish-mash of maniacs and control-freaks who all are members of the Church of Climatology. That’s how bad things really are in the world.

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