Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The raping of America

President and destroyer Barack Obama continues on his road to obliterate everything that made America great. It isn’t enough annihilating what is left of the economy, appointing Tzars to control citizens while his mad government is socializing banks and corporations, no, now he goes after the financial market. In true socialist fashion more regulations and more restrictions are going to be created to stop “a culture of irresponsibility”. Of course this scumbag don’t mentioning anything about the government restrictions, the governmental banks and the utter madness of printing and borrowing shit loads of money that created the crisis.

I do not know why Americans even keep the constitution anymore, it is totally pointless.

And that this left wing maniac refuses to take a stand on the Iran issue is no surprise.

No wonder FEMA is stacking up millions of coffins and Obama youth camps keeps growing. This is going to end so badly and be so horrifying that it boggles even my imagination.

Good bye US and say hello to socialism and civil war.


  1. There are a lot of blogs out there, but this one just might be the dumbest.

  2. Haha hilarious! The sandbox right-wing guy from Sweden!

  3. Only one comment is needed:

  4. Anonymous: thanks!

    Pete: Thanks!

  5. As usual apocalyps is spot on and even if I can think the writings on this blog can be a bit to much, the basic facts are not wrong.

    Keep it up nowish!

  6. You´ve just confirmed it. Swedes are fucking embarrassing human beings. Socializing banks? Which bank? Obama youth-camps? Where?
    Do you even know what FEMA is, and what it actually does?

    -And please, for the love of.. Please stop mangling our language. It is beyond cringeworthy.

  7. Thank you Jacoby. Nice of you to drop by.