Tuesday, June 2, 2009

China continues to show the way

The dictatorship in China have decided to once again show their counterparts in Europe and North America how it is done. In the same spirit as ACTA and IPRED the Chinese is starting to block certain sites, which is the next logical step. And we are not talking childporn or making bombs, no we are talking Facebook, twitter and so on. Of course the western governments soon will follow, probably starting with banning blogs like this one and other regime critical sites, but someone will of course find child pornography on Facebook and than the debate is off. Some journalist with the IQ equivalent of his shoe size will figure out that there are pedophiles using twitter. A feminist group will find “offensive” material on fashion-sites, some environmentalists will start screaming about coats being sold online, unions will complain over recruitment companies using the internet to find cheap labor, some radical political group (left, right or both) will have their site/sites blocked or banned, the evening news - journalists with the combined IQ of one overcooked shrimp - will start reporting how easy it is to find out how to make bombs, turkey-dinner and LSD online. And so on and so on. Many of above mentioned have already happened or are happening right now; many others will soon come to be. With secret police, supercomputers and different interest-groups roaming the net more laws and more restrictions will be sure to follow. As the technology develops, so will the law, further enhancing the fascist wet-dream. And when the current recession goes over to the worst depression ever known with massive demonstrations, civil-unrest and so on, what do you think will happen at that time? China is just showing us the future, the light-version of it; the future will of course be much much worse.

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  1. indead
    eller vad det heter när man håller med vad bloggaren skrivit