Saturday, June 6, 2009

I told you so

Again my fantastic ability of predicting the future is evident. In countless entries I have mentioned how politicians in countries all over the world want to ban libertarian and communist bloggers. This is nothing new, but now the first signs of the pure fascist surveillance society is getting into the light. In France a blogger wrote that a MP - Nadine “the liar” Morano - is a liar, which is the truth. The blogger is getting charged for this “crime”... So congratulations to all you totalitarian pro-IPRED and ACTA-loving moronic as-holes, your dreamy pink and fluffy fascism is creeping closer and closer. A couple of pseudo-scientist and “thinkers” is saying that the same thing can happen in other countries and those citizen using their brain are going; duh!

Living in the UK I normally don’t complain too much about the Labour government and the fatty in charge of that crazy apparatus, mostly because I’m a guest in this country. Sweden and her politicians I can trash all the time, but let’s make this easy and very simple: Every politician is lying! They kill people every day, not always intentionally, but does it matter? Every single one of them from the fascist Obama to the Iranian smurf Ahmadinejad, from the tiny wee Putin to the current socialist government in Sweden, they are all evil and do things on a daily basis that normal people would go to jail for. They steal, cheat, kill, rob, lie, scheme and plot to gain power and to stay in power, this goes for all of them, no matter what color or side of politics.


On a related note someone have change the name of the bugger in charge of the anti-piracy stupidity. Apparently someone went to the Swedish IRS and changed his forename to “Pirate”. I think this is very funny and kudos to whoever is responsible. The new name is consequently: Pirate Pontén.
Come on, keep the name, makes you sound much much cooler...


  1. Dear Apocalypse

    You only got one straight, and thats for sure
    "Every politican is lying"
    Even Obama, even Reinfeldt in swedish thrash politics.

    But they don't kill people every day, and yes that and they does matter.

    I laugh a lot for the note "Pirate Pontén", that was a good one.

    Keep writing

  2. Yes, they do kill people every day. Anti-drug laws, conscription, high taxes, protectionism and so on and so on. Politicians are all murderers