Saturday, June 20, 2009

People’s stupidity

With a quick look through Swedish newspapers today I stumbled upon several indications of how human brain activity is rapidly shrinking. Even if putting aside war, rebellion, famine and other fun things you can still find tons of hilarious stupidities. For instance in Germany the government has decided to ban people below the age of 18 from using tanning beds. Useless Swedes voting in a poll in one of the biggest newspaper agree with this travesty. 87% of the voters think the same law should be applied in Sweden. So let’s think for a moment and contemplate the existents of the sun and ask ourselves: why is it legal for 12y olds visiting the beach? How come 15y olds can be outside? People even drag their babies out in sunlight - is this supposed to be regarded as murder now? And even if this is not as dangerous (which it of course is) as dropping into the solarium now and again, why the age of 18? According to my findings the body keeps growing until around the age of 25, shouldn’t that be the limit? And are 18y olds really that more prone to get cancer than 19y olds? And finally, how is this going to be monitored? Should bathhouses, solariums and gym’s start demanding ID from everyone entering their facilities? And if they don’t, what will it lead to? Do they need to close down? And are law enforcement people going to handle this? Because the police force aren’t occupied enough with murderers and rapists? Or do we need another government agency - costing a nice little bundle of tax money - doing checks and running around being tanning police?

And apparently one of the few Swedish TV-channels are doing a reality show about some slightly criminal youths getting to visit a real prison testing the life so to say. Stealing this idea from UK I do believe they have missed a couple interesting facts. Firstly, imprisonment time in the UK is a bit longer and the prisons are kind of like prisons. In Sweden however a rapist get sentenced to around 2 years but is generally released before the full sentence. During the “sentence” the offender have mandatory “breaks” now and again over a weekend or so when the rapist can leave his cell and walk around freely for a couple of days. Secondly Swedish inmates get very good food (much better than in schools), they have TV, games and even Internet. I’m sure it is hard being controlled and looked up most of a year or two but can you really call that a punishment? Lastly, and most importantly, the criminal world offers big rewards for those that are good at committing crimes. For example, thanks to government laws that yank up the prices; things like prostitution and drugs are big business. And committing crimes like break-ins is very easy and since no property owner actually can defend themselves it’s as easy as sleeping in a tanning bed. Selfprotection has been outlawed and if you catch a thief and manhandle him; the jail time for the victim (not the thief) will be even higher. All in all, why would visiting a Swedish jail be even remotely scary for these “troubled” youngsters? Of course they are going to show one of them crying while complaining over society and a couple of these future criminals will of course publicly repent and maybe even be invited to social gatherings and make it to the celebrity B-list. One or two (probably all of them) will get sexual invites from girls which is one good reason for joining the show.

I also need to mention the WWF scam again. Those freaks continue to have ads in Swedish papers claiming that there are only 3500 tigers left in the world. According to their official (English) website however the number is about twice that amount and reading some rapports online it might be as many as three times that number. I wonder how many is falling for this scam and sending away money to this horrifying organization in order to save an animal that attacks and kill humans. I bet there are a lot of idiots doing this, probably the same brainless people wanting to outlaw tanning beds and even more probable it is the same people “thinking” that sending youth’s to a Swedish jail in order to scare them is a good idea. Yapp, you are all idiots.


  1. "human evolution going backwards"
    "checking legs"

  2. thanks, :) I actually blame a few beers on this one...

  3. I hate most people! Especially ignorant fucks that wanna bring total control over them, and think that is a good idea! Most people in Sweden are babies until they stop working@ 65, 67), then they are grown up and have to make it thru the day on shitty frozen food. This is what you get after a whole life working. I feel sick! You should too!

  4. WWF seems to make a habit of lies. their climate scorcards create fictional emissions för countries with nuclear power just because WWF dosent like nuclear power
    se: for more information