Thursday, July 30, 2009

The true face of our enemies – III

When you go out looking for someone to blame for your current or future predicament, please don’t attack the Jews, the Muslims or some black people, they - despite being idiots like everyone else - should not to be blamed for anything the enemy class conjure up. In this story we have, so far, covered Economists and The Government, now it is time for one of their spin-doctor factories; the mainstream media.

Journalists are supposed to audit and check what the power elite is up to and fail miserably at this task. Journalists are the laziest people you will ever meet. Translating one or two articles from one language to another and publicize it is, for the most part, the length of their work. And if you follow the news, how many papers can you find that has the exact same story with the exact same words in it? If you are bored sometime go and found out. To my knowledge it’s hard to even find public employees doing less.

Firstly; how do journalists “work”? For the most part – always when it comes to news coming from distant countries – it goes something like this: One journalist somewhere in the world finds a story, writes something from his/her perspective and then sells the story to Routers, some newspaper or similar institutions. Those institutions then have agreements and collaborations with other journalists, TV-stations and so on, consequently selling the story further along. Maybe some extra reporter will be send out if the story is worth it, otherwise they print and say pretty much the same thing as their counterparts. The same flow can be found travelling from the “sources” of governments and big businesses wanting their story to be told. Very seldom (often only locally) journalists goes out in public and search, dig and “get” the story for themselves. In other words most stories you get to read, hear or see have been passed down through several stages and often been translated in the process. And the fun part is that not all stories are being told, there is an automatic screening process on the way and in many countries even pure censorship. Add to this the fact that most journalists have a socialist persuasion and that most countries are dominated by one or very few media moguls and you can already here see how almost all members of the press are in the hands of our enemy.

The other way journalists “work” is to play with words in order to enhance the story. And this they are actually very good at. Let me give you a couple of examples: A big storm becomes a “murder storm!” massacring everything in sight. In reality, however, 2 fishermen, foolishly going out in a dingy, drowned and an old man died at a hospital from a heart attack after being hit by a falling three. Another favourite is “cancer” and everything you can attract this disease from like chips, crips, tomatoes, alcohol, the sun, solariums, fatty food, the TV, computers, cell-phones, electrical and magnetic fields, tobacco, several different building materials, fabric softener and many many other things have been said to cause cancer. Often a newspaper quotes some pseudo-scientist that wouldn’t get a job in the real world, but thanks to governmental founding he/she can deliver some study that shows that people eating 25 000 lollipops more than is normal have a 10% higher risk of attracting cancer. Of course the study leaves out whether or not these people with higher risks are chain-smokers and/or live near Chernobyl. But newspapers grasp things like this in a heart-beat, throwing up headlines like “lollipops cause Cancer!” Inside the paper you can read how many lollipops you can eat before it becomes a problem and one extra interview with some frighten mum claiming she will never buy her 16y old daughter a lollipop again (yeah, I know…). Another fun thing is man-made global warming, something there is not a single scientific proof if such a thing even exist at all, let alone have some impact on the environment. This is the biggest lie in our time, it is totally false and journalists say nothing about it other then support our enemies that's claiming it to be real.

In other words, the current Swine flu is consequently pure gold! Ignoring pretty much every fact and only showing “scientists” walking around in gas-masks and by only interviewing frighten hypochondriac’s journalists can deliver news that sounds like the seventh seal have been broken and the end is near. Adding to these stupidities are governmental officials rushing to “save us” and international organs that need to justify their existence. Increasingly louder voices for boarder patrols and warnings issued by different governmental institutes further enhance this madness. For each day that passes the scariness increase and more and more people ask if they can eat pig-meat or if they are supposed to kill their Guinea pigs… (This last thing is true by the way…)

Countless are the tales about how the old media have tried to scare us into believing in bogeymen, often enough politicians picks up the tread and impose a new law or two just to be on the safe side. Pick up a paper, any of them, any time of the week and they are filled with things that can kill you and/or make you fat. Of course we as readers have a big fault in this, we keep buying those rags. Again, I need to ask, why? If you have a computer and internet you will never need a TV, a radio or ever buy a newspaper again.

I have not own a TV in 8 years, hardly ever listen to the radio, at least not mainstream radio and the numbers of papers I have bought during the last decade can be counted on my fingers. The last time I bought a newspaper I was sitting at Heathrow airport feeling bored with a couple of pints so I bought financial times just to feel the weight of the paper in my hands. Reading this paper that, in comparison with Swedish newspapers, is pure gold and often has excellent pieces of journalism; I started to wonder about a couple of news articles and turned on my laptop and updated in pretty much real time I could already see were some journalist had missed something or how a certain news story already had developed far beyond that in the paper addition. Still I know what’s going on and keep myself very updated. You can find everything you want direct, share it with others and make it into something new and send it all around the globe in the same time it takes for journalists to even read the news. So, ask yourself; why do governments want to control, survey and ban internet? And why aren’t journalists screaming loudly about this?

Journalists are the third member of the enemy class you should be watching very carefully. It is all about scare mongering and headlines, not about news. This apart from for one thing; the current economic crisis that they, for some reason, are looking for the Good news about, not the bad. Very strange behaviour for mainstream media and one can start thinking about a conspiracy for less.


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