Thursday, January 14, 2010

Billions of years of evolution, and this is the best we have to offer?

As already stated the only true ‘good’ numbers coming from America the latest years have been the ever expending expenditures comes to weaponry. Military equipment and shipment was the only ‘positive’ thing during 2009 and this under the peace loving Oduma. And the American Armament industry is still functioning, as the only productive branch in that country, this mainly thanks to the large sales of arms to the Arab Gulf States, mainly the Saudi’s.

And if you, as a dictatorial power, need some additional help and aid, what to do? Well a good way to go about this is to claim there’s Alky Aida “training camps” under your nose. Those pesky inhabitants are rebelling? Well call the Americans and point out those “camps”. And if some poor underwear-model happens to carry a bomb, of course he comes from those “camps”.

Yemen is now trying this approach, so far only attracting American and British “advisors”, but the more those supposed raids into Saudi territory goes on, threatening oil stations, we can surely count on an escalation.

In the meanwhile US continues to bomb refugees and “camps” in Pakistan, those wretched Alky Aida boys are everywhere as it seems.

This is what we’ve become eh? Some underdeveloped nation in the Caribbean with inhabitants not able to build porch stairs dies in the thousands because of too much statism, and now the world is supposed to come to the rescue? Why didn’t they have enough schools, hospitals and better structures? Well, socialism does that to a country. And Western nations bomb and inspire bloody feuds in countless Muslim countries and we expect no retaliation? No way? Why would they attack us? And we let the banksters rob us in broad daylight and then we hand them trillions of dollars as thanks, seemingly thinking that ‘this cannot happen again’. Fascism is growing, socialist solutions is the bible to follow, and the complete scam of manmade global warming rolls on with higher taxation while most of us tries to put food on the table.

Were the hell is that Alien invasion?

I think you all should drill a hole in your skulls so the brain can have more blood-flow. You'll be smarter that way and will be able to do wicked-cool telepathic stuff. I learned that from The X-Files. Maybe it can help evolution a bit by doing so, it cannot get worse so why not…

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