Thursday, October 22, 2009

What does it take?

I don’t really care about whether or not those newly found dead in Sweden are dead by the vaccine or not. It may be a statistical anomaly, they were already sick, or they had some underlying problem that made the vaccine deadly, like being allergic to eggs - which is one of many reasons to avoid the flu shot.

What I wonder is why you idiots are so bloody stupid to take the vaccine for a flu that by any measurement, by any standard, is harmless. In comparison with any seasonal flu it’s a push over, it’s nothing. The death rate is so low you stand a much bigger chance of getting run over by a car than die from the Swine thing. For God’s sake, how stupid are you people!?

Can they sell you anything? Apparently so.

If we took a shot for every disease of this magnitude we would be riddled with holes all through life.

And even if things pick up, if the Hog thingy get more dangerous, if millions get infected, if everyone around you is carrying this flu, it still can’t hold a candle to AIDS, TBC, malaria, cancer or any other number of diseases. And not only sickness. Every time you step out in traffic, drink alcohol or smoke tobacco or, heaven forbid, are at home, you stand a much larger risk of getting hurt or killed.

Didn’t you know that the most dangerous thing in our lives is our own homes? It is. Nothing else even comes close, well, with the exception for government and old age.

Some argue that it’s about solidarity. Take the shot and make the world safer for you fellow man. Ever considered why they never used that argument before regarding other flues that was much more deadly? Why aren’t they urging you to stop having sex, stop getting old or stop living at home? And why won’t they say you should protect yourself from the most deadly thing that ever hit mankind; government?
And what happens with your body if you always take the pill, always take the shot or the cure for whatever reason. Is that a good thing? Do you really think so?

And whom do you think benefits from this scaremonger? Can it be, oh, I don’t know… the manufacturers..?

I’m not saying all vaccines are wrong or that you never should take this one, all I’m asking is for is for all you messed up wankers out there to think for yourselves for once.

Let’s make this very easy, if you are in the risky group or work with high risk people, consider taking the vaccine, otherwise ignore, refuse and never, ever, let them near you with any needle. And if it comes back, mutated, and much deadlier, I may consider taking it. But now? why?

I’ve said this many times before, and I say it again. If any of you people, no matter who you are, get close to me or mine with this vaccine or any other drug or “cure” and wants to force me or us to take it, prepare to die. I will never lay down and take this, it’s beyond my limit. I’m not joking.

And don’t think for a second they won’t force you. In several US state and the UK it’s already a fact or getting very close to forced inoculation. And during the international swine flu conference in the US earlier this year, which media still hasn’t reported about, the main topics was how to force people to take it, how to best impose road blocks or take your kids away from you. This is a fact, and not a theory. Read more here.

Whatever you may think about me, this flu, the shot or anything else regarding this, consider the fact that this is, in comparison, a harmless thing and why the hell would you risk, even if the risk is minuscule, to take the shot? Why? What’s the point?

Somewhere between 400 000 and 750 000 people die each normal year from flu. How many have the Piggy one killed during more than half a year? It’s less than 5000 people! It shouldn’t even be on the radar! It’s nothing! Even if the number of dead was ten or twenty times that amount, it still wouldn’t pose a danger close to the normal flu.

Out of about 400 000 confirmed infected - less than 5000 have died. That is 0.0125% in death rate, in general. If you live in a developed country it’s down below 0.007% chance of dying, which is the number if you get infected. And if you count the people that probably have had it and is not confirmed, the statistic goes way down. If you feel that lucky about dying you should go and play the lottery.

Fuck and doubly fuckidy fuck fuck. You moronic idiots. Just stay away from me and inject yourself with whatever you please - you stupid cows.


  1. Spot on!

    It beggars belief that people will take a vaccine for something that is less severe than regular flu and why they don't bother to find the rather glaring holes in the government's (and WHO's) arguments.

    Speaking of malaria Lord Monckton (see the sidebar on my blog) says that DDT would have saved the lives of millions, had it not been banned. Well worth watching the video(s).

    Your English is very good. I'm ashamed to say I can't speak a word of Swedish - not one!

  2. Well, sent you some translated stuff. :)