Thursday, October 22, 2009

The clueless autocracy

What happen during the 20s have been discussed many times, and some have, just as I’m about to do, compared that situation of today’s. However, mostly they fail short or miss the obvious conclusions, mainly for focusing on the wrong thing or the minor issues. Sure there are differences, the economic debacle we are building today is worse and the trouble isn’t some of the developed nations, it’s pretty much all of them, and then some. Economies are more built into each other’s today, and back then we didn’t have things like credit-cards. Another difference is that openly or potentially totalitarian ideologies need to tread a bit more carefully. But otherwise..?

It’s hilarious how history is repeating itself:
Voters disenchanted with main parties
Unemployment rising
Cost of living raising
more and more protests
printing money
Increased government spending
Propped up markets
Protectionism on the rise
Economists clueless
Journalists lying
Growing antagonism against “foreigners”
the government not listening to the public and forcing through unpopular policies

And in several countries purerly aggressive and anti-democratic movements are growing. This time the main foothold is in countries like Hungary, Russia and Moldavia. But just as back then we are seeing racists and national movements, of all sorts, popping up in pretty much every country. In UK they are named BNP, In Sweden National Democrats (ND) or Swedish Democrats (SD) – these people have been allowed to gain traction because the main political parties have stuck their heads in the sands and refused to take them on dismissing them as of no consequence; right wing nutters; racists etc.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s the politicians in the Weimar Republic made the same mistake; first dismissing the Nazis as lunatics and then that they would become “respectable” once they started to gain power. It wasn’t until things got desperate for the general public that they were taken seriously. Wrong on all counts. And a dereliction which cost millions of lives and a World War to put things right.

You can never ever underestimate how ignorant and unsophisticated large sections of the general public actually are. That is why the BNP, SD, communists and so on will always find votes if they try hard enough, or, in most cases today, without even trying.

Its failed policies throughout. The establishment doesn’t address the issues, and if they do, they do it in the same way as the racists do, presumably to steal those voters and eliminate the competition for power. They start with ignoring those parties and give them martyrdom, they cut them out and discard them, and when they have reached seats of power or are near to do so, all that happens is that they are called racists and evil. Nearly never getting to debate their policies, which are mostly stupid or stolen from other parties.

And in reality, with the exception for some of the views on immigration (but only some) what is really the difference between those “racist” and “evil” parties and the already established ones? And how evil are they really? Are they evil in a smoking-way? Evil as in denying manmade global warming? Driving too fast? Drinking too much? Eating too many burgers? All of which have been deemed “evil” by the elitists. By any politically correct view or by most of those sitting on power, I’m one of the most evil people around, and so are you, whoever you may be.

If everyone is evil, by the righteous opinion, and if issues regarding immigration are never addressed, and if every solution to any problem is more government or more welfare, why should we take them serious and take their word for that a certain party, that is mainly as the rest of them, for being something horrific?

We are heading for a surveillance society of 1984-levels, we are about to embark on the biggest economic disaster that ever struck humanity, and we have growing resentments already before all that comes to be. Where do you think this will end up?

My advice; buy vodka, you are going to need it...


  1. Gief red button to push...

  2. Sorry, I enjoyed this post so much I got depressed and wanted to blow it all up (ie most of the civilized world). I just can´t be asked to start a revolution, due to organizational problems, lack of time and general messyness. Red buttons are much simpler and less time consuming.

    Anyway, I think I´m going to blend some candy shot mixtures with my vodka now. Thanks for helping me not feel all alone.