Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The ideology of genocide

There is lot to be said about the environment movement and the complete lunacy of manmade global warming.

You can lift many facts like that 99.9% of all animals that ever lived on this planet is gone, poff, not here anymore, extinct. Why? Natural selection. Had nothing to do with cars or factories.

You can lift the fact that we know that the sun is almost the only thing affecting our climate. I say “almost” because volcanoes, cosmic rays, the oceans and the occasional comet have made and can make smaller changes. All of these things, even if we exclude the sun, have several hundred times more impact on the environment than mankind. This is proven facts; scientifically proven, statistically proven, tested over and over again, it’s the truth.

And in contrast to the manmade global warming scam, this is actually accepted by all scientists, this there is a consensus around. What they argue about is how miniscule humans’ impact is. Is it 0.0001% or is it 0.00001% or less? But…

…we could also mention that there isn’t one argument that holds, there isn’t a single shred of evidence supporting the alarmist’s theories. Not a single one. It does not exist. The very best they can say is that it’s probable to the degree of [some percentage] that man have a tiny diminutive little petite say in how the whether acts.

Have you ever seen a news article saying that it’s a 62% change that man is affecting climate to a degree of 0.00001%? That wouldn’t sell as many papers now would it?

I could go on and on, but what you really need to know is that this isn’t only about taxation or control, which is the true reason for the trickery; it will also have the most disastrous effects on many people’s lives.

Looking into the future there are literally millions, if not hundreds of millions, of lives at stake. Not only because of reduction of production, less trade or fewer jobs, but also because of the simplest of things like not having a stove to cook on, or not having a lamp people can sit under to study or work.

It is impossible, with today’s technology and for the foreseeable future, to keep hundreds of millions of people with jobs, with food, with water, with transport, with schools etc. without keeping up, or rather massively increase energy usage. And it needs to be the cheapest form of energy. What you need to know is that if we cut our emissions or energy usage, it means job losses, it means higher costs of living, higher production costs, transports becomes more expensive and so on.

Again, if this hoax is allowed to continue, we are condemning a vast number of people to certain death and hardship. And since it’s all based on a lie, you cannot call a person arguing for such madness for anything but evil. The true evil people are not the ones whom claim that manmade global warming is a fraud, which the elitists want you to believe. The truest form of evil is perpetrating a mass slaughter right now, and most of you are complacent. Don’t come dragging with that Treblinka-guard argument or that you were incapable of not seeing or understanding the facts. Only a drooling idiot with the IQ of a carrot sitting in a corner painting stick-figures on the wall can claim that. Not you.

Every time you argue for us to cut energy usage, you are actually arguing for the death of tens of thousands of people.

Every time someone claims they want to reduce emissions, close down factories, impose taxes on fabric-softener or any of the sort, they are actually saying they want to murder whole villages and knock off babies.

Yes, it’s it true. This is a fact.

I urge you to read the latest report from the UN on the subject (you can read about that in my earlier post and find links to it here). Now these people are the driving force behind this genocide, and this report is meant to sell you their murderess ways, but if you really read it its hilarious. They claim that a couple of hurricanes are proof of their theory. They claim that mud-slides prove that mankind is changing the environment. It’s so ludicrous, so out there, it’s like reading a very bad science fiction novel. Don’t check with me or with any of the tens of thousands of scientists that claim this is a hoax, read what the alarmists actually are writing and saying instead.

Nothing can convince you faster than how this fantastic make-believe world of maniacs is sold. This paper, that has to have originated in another dimension far, far away from any shred of sanity, should be read by everyone. Please check the map at pages (2-3) 8-9, its sooo funny!

And even if you are still convinced that this scam actually holds its ground despite not finding a single evidence to support that notion, what I’ve just told you, about killing people, is still there, still a fact. Are you prepared to sacrifice what in all likelihood is millions of people so you can save some Polar Bears? Take a long and hard look in the mirror before you answer that question.


  1. what really piss me off is the sheer arrogance. people actually belive we can destroy the planet, after millions even billions of years of existance we would wreck in a matter of centuries of industry. yeah, right. how many iceages haven't it survived? how many comets and cosmic rays? the hell do people think the moon comes from? and even if it's true, even if we do kill everything off and ourselves with it, so what? good riddance, the planet will survive and life come again but we wont be here and fuck things over

  2. Just because you say something on your little blog over and over, it doesn't make it come true.

    Where are YOUR facts and articles or whatever to actually support what you claim.

    I happen to know there is a 99.9 percent chance that Obama is taking a shit right now, and it is a hoax to claim he is not. :P