Thursday, December 24, 2009

And then the depression kicked in

In US history few, if any, day’s came with the same blackness and sadness as yesterday x-mas Eve. As usual when bad news is to be brought forward by the elitist mobsters they do so just before a public holiday or weekend because that means several days of quiet, the market have time to adjust to the thought of bad news and the general public, that spend any leisure time watching useless soaps and drinking themselves silly, have the attention span of a single-celled organism and so remain oblivious of anything less than a Asteroid destroying the planet.

I thought ObamaCare was bad enough, then I heard that ACORN (the Marxist lobby organization that helps pedophiles smuggle preteens and is rotten to the core) will get state-founding to cover any expenses their criminal activities need.

But then came the Crème de la Crème when the U.S. Treasury Department announced that they will remove the caps on aid to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the next three years. For those of you who don’t understand what this means it means that these two horrible government institutions can now basically stack up losses to whatever heights they prefer. And they are already insolvent several times over.

And just to rub a stale mustard-covered ham into an open wound we also learn that the government has approved a multimillion-dollar compensation packages for top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The top 12 executives at the two firms are in line to receive up to $42 million in 2009 alone. How about that? Two of the worst kept institutions in history that also share the blame for the financial dilemma the US (and the world) is in, can give their figureheads millions of tax money while ordinary citizens are losing their jobs, homes and future.

Congrats and merry x-mas to all you Americans out there. You have great years ahead of you.


Just to make things more interesting, I’ve started a poll to ask for your opinion in regards to when the US plummet down into that funny abyss of despair we all love so much.

Here are the likely dates:

After the first Q of 2010 –
my prediction all along that this would be the end date. This is based on the fact that commercial real-estate is about to crash soon and will probably reach climax around that time. It is also very probable that the first quarter numbers will be bearer of slightly disastrous news, and I’m also convinced that another terrorist attack is eminent. And, the US Treasury are having problems with bond-sales, already, and the rest of the world will soon start to escalate their dollar-sales, so 3-4-5 months into the future seems to be the end of the line.

Turn of the year 2010/2011 – I’ve seen some economists saying that when the x-mas sales of 2010 ticks in and the year of 2010 have passed with growing debts and more horrible decisions things are bound to collapse. I do agree with this sentiment, even though I still hang on to what I’ve been saying for many years above.

Summer of 2011 – It seems that many of those with brains, the ones that predicted our current crisis and have got everything right so far, appear to aim at the summer of 2011 as the end. They seem to think that the government can paper over the worst crashes for that long with the printing-press and aid from abroad. This may very well be true, the US should move into foreclosure today, but as with any country they do have the limitless pockets of the tax payers and borrowing to conjure money from, and this is the biggest economy of the world, so they should be able to keep up appearances 1.5-2 years into the future. However, this is contingent on that nothing out of the ordinary happens. The USD is doomed and the massive debt the Obamination and his cronies are stacking up cannot be paid back, so Gutenberg’s invention should run very hot the coming years. Also, as mentioned, terrorist attacks, another war and other wild-cards can be played at any moment so I would be surprised if the American economy lasts this long, although you cannot rule it out either.

What all of us “doomsayers” seem to agree upon, however, is that 2012 will be a disastrous year and then decades of economic calamities awaits. Most also agree that we’re already in a depression, it’s just halted, temporarily. The schemes to keep that fraudulent GDP up, the massive printing of money all over the world and the lying numbers the press tries to sell to us have been working their magic. The Keynesian plot has postponed the real mayhem for the time being, increasing the problems and worsened the depression in the process. And then I (we) don’t talk about the US alone; the world is going down the tube in unison.

I suggest you start to prepare. As mentioned before, short-wave radios, oil, dried-up food packages, cans, guns and amo, and many other useful items should be on your x-mas list as well as be the first priority of any future purchases.

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