Sunday, March 8, 2009

The parents of Buffalo Bill

I need to write about a couple of amebas in Sweden that for some reason have became parents and refuses to raise their kid according “societies rules for gender”. These low-level feminist a-holes regard their kid as a “person” that they some days dress like a girl and some days as a boy. And they never use words that could imply some kind of gender. The female soon to be mother of Sweden’s next serial killer was quoted saying:

“It’s dreadful to put a note in a child’s forehead were it says; pink or blue”

“To me xxx isn’t a girl or a boy, just xxx”

“If xxx choice to be extreme in one way or the other hasn’t anything to do with this”

Extreme!? The lack of grey matter in this case is so overwhelming that you almost think that there actually should be such a thing as ‘social services’. How do they think this poor defenseless child is going be when he/she/it grows up? I see this “person” in 25y from now sitting in a damp cellar in a suburb whispering down a hole; “It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it is told.”

Were the hell is that apocalypse?

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  1. Enjoying a glass of heavenly dry Riesling this Sunday evening, and this was just the thing to go with it - poor kid!! Talk about not standing a chance!

    Thoroughly enjoying your blog and have passed the link on to everyone in my address book!

    Keep'em coming!

    Your avid fan,