Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don’t cry wolf, kill it!

In the US there is a debate going on between those who thinks the grey wolf have recovered and can be removed from the endangered species list in some states and those who thinks the wolfs haven’t recovered biologically and still need protection. Through government interventions and state money the wolf have reach a more sustainable number, but then again, why do anyone care? These predators are nothing but a nuisance, sometimes attacking farm animals and on some very rare occasions even humans. We don’t really need their fur anymore, even though it might be nice to have one of those coats, so why do we keep them around? Are they that important to the environment and some biological habitats so if they died out we would end up with too many rabbits on our hands? If that’s the case, we can kill those to.

According to the environmental group Earthjustice they will take the matter to court if Wolf’s aren’t kept on the endangered list. To court? Does the wolf’s pay tax and are they viable and productive members of society? What rights do they have in this regard? Are they landowners or running businesses in America? And if so, can they sue some family that hikes through their woods without permission? These Earthjustice freaks are the same idiots that want to keep murderess Polar Bear alive and want to stop oil drilling in Alaska in order to save those killers. They are also one of the brainless groups that actively are working against Global warming. Not that they are trying to blot out the sun, fight the magnetic fields of Earth or suing volcanoes for letting to much gases out in the atmosphere, which they ought to be doing, no, these guys, like so many other duped idiots on this planet, is trying to fight man. And on their website you can read such reviling facts like:

“Global warming impacts our entire planet. It threatens local communities, wildlife habitats, and endangered species. It alters weather patterns, potentially causing more floods, famines, droughts, and ecological devastation.”

Duh! Global warming, another Ice Age or some other natural changes in nature we have seen before and will see again, does this. Nothing new about it, but it scares you a little doesn’t it? Maybe you want to give some money to these “nonprofit” bastards so they can go to court and sue the government. I wonder if they are planning on a witness list? A mother wolf who cries in the witness stand how her litter doesn’t have enough to eat or a Polar Bear that tells a heartbreaking story about being prosecuted in America and being hunted by xenophobic oil drillers. It might work in their favor. Maybe wolfs need some social security checks so they don’t have to hunt? I mean, hunting is hard work and you might fail, and everyone has the right to eat.

99,9% of all the species that ever lived on this planet has died out. Let’s add some more corpses to this list. We should actively get rid of these things, not give them rights or lawyers. How will it ever affect any of us if a couple of more species went extinct? That’s right, nothing! If animals going extinct was so horrific what about Mammoths? Dinosaurs? Are we facing some Armageddon because we don’t have furry elephants roaming the countryside? Is some wild population growing out of proportion because no T-Rex is hunting them? This is just stupid, let them live if they are not in the way and if they step on some human toes, kill them, kill them all.

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