Sunday, March 8, 2009

R.I.P America

I have been spending an hour this morning skimming through Obama’s stimulus bill and it’s even worse than I thought. Hardly a single thing, except maybe the money on infrastructure, that will do anything more then”being spent”. In a year or two when the money is gone, if America hasn’t recovered, they are fucked. Maybe he plans on borrowing and printing even more money? And as I understand it, the different states need to permanent some of these money through state law and state founding after these money are gone. So even IF they recover from this recession, a recession which I believe is just getting started, US will end up with even more of the same idiocy with higher local taxes as well as higher federal tax together with a national debt out of this world. Welcome to socialism. Even the Swedish government isn’t this crazy.
I will read some more this afternoon, but here are some points on what the money is being spent on:

$480M Loans to Farmers
- Yeah, like Americans need to borrow more fictive money from themselves and future generations

$15M Oversight of Department of Agriculture spending
- Wtf? He is going to spend money on checking out spending?

$100M Adult and child day care meals and snacks
– hahahaha… snacks…

$400M NASA climate research
– Actually the climate thingy is a huge post in this budget; this is only one of many. Roughly counted its well more than 20 times this post. Even if you believe in the crap about manmade climate change, this money doesn’t generate any kind of effect on the economy.

If you are interested, here is a summary of the stimulus:

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