Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reality is amusing

We all know that Muslims aren’t really fans of pork. Swine’s are not really on any Islamic menu. However, it seems far fewer Muslims than normal are undertaking pilgrimage. Many authorities in the Middle East have urged Muslims to avoid the 'Hajj’, and since some people apparently died recently, the scare continues.
Iran even banned all its citizens from making the 'Umrah' pilgrimage earlier this year and cancelled all flights to Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, which ended around 19 September.

All because of Swine Flu. How hilarious isn’t that? No wonder they tried to sell the H1N1-name instead. It was probably racist to name it as Swine flu. I wonder what Hindus’ thought about mad-cow disease?

So while I eat some bacon, ignore everything that has to do with the vaccine and drink myself silly midday on a Wednesday, the Muslims are having problems with Swine flu during their religious walkabouts.

This is a fun world; all you need to do is to find the comical side of things.

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