Friday, December 18, 2009

The messiah has arrived

The Obamination can now be found among the rest of the thieves in Fraudenhagen, apparently there to tie the knot and get things going.

What if the warmongering pick-pocket in chief fixes this? Just imagine that for a moment. I don't think he will, but think of the implications of having this guy coming in and saving the day.

Media and the elitists have put up a show so far, and they want us to be afraid they cannot come to some agreement. But if it’s really is a theatre, it needs a conclusion. I earlier said that nothing will come out of this meeting, and it shouldn’t, they are so far apart in opinions that any agreement is impossible. But what if the puppet from the White house can fix this? Uhuh…

Maybe not completely, but partly and the next meeting within a year or so they can present an earth-saving proposition, all hail the Chief…

1 comment:

  1. The US strategists are geniouses. By installing Obama they have effectively neutralised all relevant opposition from Europe and the third world. If they play their cards right he can soon take his place as some kind of global führer in the war against global warming. Everyone opposing are of course nazis.