Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama and der faderland

This is pretty much unbelievable; I needed to check this several times. I search, I read and I can still hardly believe it. It’s like looking into the past or reading one of Ayn Rand’s books. This is unbelievably scary and worst of all, it is true.
But before you read the last section of this blog entry which is in regard to what I’m talking about, here is some other news you should read first. Do this right and read these facts from the top down, it makes things even scarier.

In the beginning of March there was a big conference at Harvard, attending was several of the top lawyers and best known social scientists. The topic of this well attended event was: “The Free Market Mindset: History, Psychology, and Consequences” and it was basically argued throughout the conference that there is something wrong with people who believe in the free market. Juliet Schor, a very respectable well known American held a speech called:“ Colossal Failure: The Output Bias of Market Economies” whereas he argued, among many other funny things that; “If consumption is social, as considerable social science research shows, then the market delivers excessive levels of consumption” Basically they said that if you believe in capitalism, you have mental problems.

Jeff Eldridge got a standing ovation from House colleagues after he explained his reasons for his new bill. The legislation would outlaw sales of the iconic Mattel toy "and other similar dolls that promote or influence girls to place an undue importance on physical beauty to the detriment of their intellectual and emotional development."

There are more interesting things going on “over there” like the economics, but I have already mentioned that. So let’s get to the funniest thing since, well, ever. Because if you still are thinking things are going in the right direction and Barack Obama is a great leader, you might want to check these little facts out:

In 18 of March 2009 the House in the US voted a big Yes to this:

The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act would dramatically increase funding for AmeriCorps, with a goal of expanding from 75,000 volunteers to 250,000. The bill also would increase education funding and establish a summer service program for students, paying $500 (which would be applied to college costs) to high-school and middle-school student who participate.

Not sure what this means? Let me elaborate.

WND reports:
The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a plan to set up a new “volunteer corps” and consider whether “a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people” should be developed.
The legislation also refers to uniforms” that would be worn by the “volunteers” and the “need” for a “public service academy”, a 4-year institution” to “focus on training” future “public sector leaders.” The training, apparently, would occur at “campuses.”
Many, however, are raising concerns that the program, which is intended to include 250,000 “volunteers,” is the beginning of what President Obama called his “National Civilian Security Force” in a a speech last year in which he urged creating an organization as big and well-funded as the U.S. military. He has declined since then to elaborate.

Stil not so sure what the point is? You should, but let’s look at another fun statement:

“Office of the President Elect” website post:
Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve america, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school, and 100 hours of community service in collge every year.

Still not getting it? How about this statement from Rahm Emanuel, chief of staff at the white house:

“It's time for a real Patriot Act that brings out the patriot in all of us. We propose universal civilian service for every young American. Under this plan, All Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five will be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic training, civil defense preparation and community service.”

Then how about this? Don’t think I’m a nutcase, just watch and see what this guy is saying and to whom he is speaking. It is translated into English.


  1. very scary indeed. But as I argue often, all lefties are actually Nazis. The German Imperial revanchism of the 1920s/30s/40s was an accidental coincidence. It could not have happened to a nicer people, and was tragic and apocalyptic in its effects.

  2. Well, there are some lefties that rather look up to Pol-Pot and other funny gentlemen from the past. Not that there is any real difference between them, but semantics is fun in its own right: “Oh, I hate those fascists’ idiots with their parades, hate, death camps and black shirts. I rather am among those in red shirts doing parades, starting death camps and hate others, that’s much more humane and those in red shirts wants to save the poor”.

  3. its das vaterland, not der...

  4. Actually I know that... :) Its EnglishswedishGerman and referes to some certain other things out there. But thanks!

  5. David Davis said...

    very scary indeed. But as I argue often, all lefties are actually Nazis. The German Imperial revanchism of the 1920s/30s/40s was an accidental coincidence. It could not have happened to a nicer people, and was tragic and apocalyptic in its effects.

    You and this gentleman here have done nothing but prove your total ignorance. So in the same spirit of reality denial let me continue the lies. Islam = Communism = Nazis. Sounds good huh. Total ahistorical dribble as all of these groups are and always have been totally opposed to each other but then fascists like you never could keep the apples seperated from the oranges.
    Good luck with your fantasies how about explaining the responsibilty of Financial institutions total irresponsibity but thats alos a leftwing conspiracy. Hey but your right it's the democrats who forced Bush to screw things over and racists groups are right well be forced to live under Sharia and the enviroment, damn lefties did that too.
    Why can't people see that Hitlers destruction of the Unions, the killing of leftwing opponents and his enemy 'Jewish Bolshevism' and creation of Concentration camps was a left wing propaganda move to make Hitler look bad. But the Nazis were called *National Socialists' and it's what you call yourself not what you are or do that matters, Right. Oh year but WW II was also a left wing conspiracy honest and so was and Franco Pinochet who only killed leftists so as too look look rightwingers to discredit the left. Simple Huh.
    There are intelligent rightwingers who even have some good points to make about values, morals and the breakdown of families (I support them and am NOT politically correct but then PC can be left or right it just means acceptance of dogma without thought or fact)but I am not going to have an intelligent debate with you holocaust denying racist fascists. Obama is NOT Hitler nor was Ghandi. He's an intelligent leader who's doing his best to save the only country where people have both freedom and the ability too change there country while Europe is now in the hands on an unelected oligarchic elite busy removing 500 years old democratic evolution while building the most technological totalitarian police state ever seen to prevent any future expression of the popular will. Meanwhile morons like you and your fellow fascists think that service to your country means the poor and black dying in the wars of the rich and white while wankers like you lot profit from their 'sacrifice' for their country. Afraid you or your children might have to do something for others in your land. Oh well.
    By the way did you hear the one about Halley's comet being a spaceship. Cut your balls off, Kill yourself and be reborn and you too can live in paradise, Virgins are optional and there are no taxes in heaven. Do it now and we can all rest easier!

  6. Wow… and I thought I was getting drunk… Let me just point out a couple of faults in your.. “arguments”..
    First of all, none of us ever denied the holocaust. That is something that national socialists, some Palestinian idiots and that funny Iranian regime like to do. Second of all, Ghandi is a proven racist, by his own words. There are several letters and witnesses who can confirm this fact. He was a child of his time, so that might excuse him some, but by all accounts from what we would consider racism today, he was one. Thirdly, I’m an atheist and consequently don’t believe in idiotic things like religion and virgins in the afterlife. But you would have known that if you checked around a bit before you write this. Lastly, I didn’t like Bush either. He actually has contributed to this economical disaster and should be blamed for it. Obama on the other hand takes it to a completely different level.

    Time to go out and have some fun. Whatever you think of me or anyone else, getting drunk is a great way of ignoring the plight of the world. Cheers mate!

  7. To anonymous:

    I don't suppose you've read our blog.

    As a joke, please let me have your address and that of your lawyers. I hope they are good and fast, and I hope they will enjoy mine sitting in front of them tomorrow morning at their desk.

    In calling me a holocaust denier you have libelled me. As this is the blogosphere, of course nobody gives a stuff. But The Recording Angel will remember you.

  8. I came back to see if you responded to my comments. Maybe you don't deny the holocaust didn't happen but the fact is you partially do as it was a right wing phenomenon that created racism as a result of colonialism and racist theories appealed to the elite like the Swedish royal family who at the time not only were friends of Hermann Goering but GAVE HITLER THE MONEY TO BUY THE FOLKISCHE BEOBACHTER NEWSPAPER without which he would have stayed a local Bavarian strong man not capable of spreading his poison throughout Germany. He had failed in his putch attempt in 1923 and thouht he was finished. In prison he wrote Mein Kampf (which you should take a look at if you really think the Nazis were leftwing) in which he became the first modern dictator by realising that he should take power through the use of media propaganda and by 'using democracy to destroy democracy'.
    He understood that the old style dictators like Franco and Mussolini were weak because they had to force themselves on their people and thus the countries strength would be halved and their ability to conquer reduced by internal struggle. Hitler by winning through a democratic process could and did claim the support of the people. That's why he called the party National Socialist. Total mobilisation but it's ideology was totally anti-left and the left knew it and were the only ones to resist Nazism in the streets just like todays AFA that you fools think are terrorists. Evil must be fought and the Nazi's did not just do evil things like so many before and after but their ideology was based on the idea that 95% of the human race were racial inferiors and were to be exterminated. As for the master race, the Aryans they didn't exist yet but had to be bred through a purification and breeding process just like dogs and horses.
    None of this is left indeed it is as anti-left as it gets. The so called Soviet-Nazi pact was NOT an alliance as both sides used it as a cynical pause before the inevitable great death struggle BETWEEN left and Right extremes. The demcracies of course hated communism not only for what was wrong with it but also for what was right the idea that all human life is valuable an idea that is once again threatened by our stupid war on terror which results from our colonialism.
    Im not religious either and stand for democracy, freedom and the right to private property as well as a decent society. Nothing is free and if you don't want to live in Brazil or Columbia where police shoot the children of the poor like dogs then you will realize that a decent society is good for everyone. Capitalist right wing extremism = Fascism the left version is communism and they are both totalitarian because extremism doesn't work and requires repression because of the suffering they create.
    The American system is the best one because it allows for the popular will while in is restrained enough to prevent all the power being in the hands of one person or institution. It was thought out by the same minds that worked on the declaration of universal human rights as it was declared in 1789 at the beginning of the french revolution.
    Unfortunatly that one got out of hand because just as in the Israel-palestinian conflict revenge for terrible sufferings creates a natural desire for revenge. Not good but no excuse for the original tyranny. Nelson Mandela was an exceptional man who like jesus turned the other cheek to prevent a vengeful bloodbath even after 30 years in prison and being called a terrorist as Hamas is today.
    Just so you know (And please DONT believe anything I say go look it up so that you learn for your own sake) many of Israels founders and indeed PRIME MINISTERS like Menachin Begin and David Ben Gurian were terrorists leaders of the Stern Gang aongst others who blew up a hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 killing something like 90 British officers and civilians as well as killing the Swedish UN Secretary by blowing up his airplane. This is not hate but history and it gives a very different perspective than we are used to in the west as well as explaining how terrorism as a political tool got started in the middle East.
    As for Ghandi being a racist he fough against it all the time and was in the end killed by a Hindi nationalist BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE A STATE BASED ON RELIGIOUS APARTHEID. So you say he said SOMETHINGS in letters and such. What did he say. And if he did say some stupid things he did many good things including liberating his people from racist colonialism without violence a very rare occurance comparable only to the peaceful disintergration of the Soviet Union.
    These are extremely rare examples in history which if you compare that to the 3 million Vietnamese and 3 million Cambodians the Americans killed AFTER the war was lost (late 1969). Reality is complex not reactionary and simplistic. I worry about Isreal and love the US Despite the facts but I like to know the truth not ignorance and dogma.
    Obama didn't make this economic crisis and indeed is the ONLY world leader who actually understands what needs to be done which is create REAL wealth NOT empty speculation that was the policies of Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II. That is not investing in the countries infrastructure and letting allthe wealth creation go to the very rich which destroyed the middle classes buying power, made the poor, poorer and led to totally unrealistic assessments of value. It grossly concentrated wealth. (NY times from last week pointed out that in 1980 the richest 1 % had 8 % of the lands wealth today the figure is 27% which is social suicide and explains why the american people have finally woken up to the fact that they have been screwed by the very wealthy and dishonest. Bush I called Reagans trickle down theory 'Voodoo economics in 1980 and he was right then and inthe end the truth speaks for itself a world economic melt down.
    Am i a communist? Never and i would have ended up in the gulags as a capitalist under the dictator Stalin but I stillKNOW the Nazi's were far worse, thank god the western allie sin WW II understood that Hitler had to go first and they were right. The proof is that in the end the communists just faded away the Nazis never would have.
    Since you guys love a one sided view of things what do you have to say about the Israelis and orthodox who protested against the slaughter of innocents in Gaza. Are they just liars to in service to the Jihad. Are they terrorists or just decent human beings who can't lie anymore. Read from todays story (from the shit rag Expressen)
    Mats Larsson: Nu vittnar israels egna soldater
    "Min största oro är att vi ska förlora vår humanitet på grund av det utdragna krigandet". Detta sa Israels vice ÖB år 2004 om landets armé. Hans farhågor verkar ha besannats nu.

    Det har inte rått någon brist på vittnesmål om Israels offensiv i Gaza kring nyår. Israel stängde förvisso ute alla utländska medier under själva kriget, men sedan öppnades gränsen och palestinierna kunde berätta.
    Många palestinier beskyllde israelerna för att avsiktligt ha dödat civila. Palestinska beräkningar talar om över 1400 döda, varav 900 civila....
    Men inte heller israelerna bestrider att många, många dog i Gaza. Och nu kommer vittnesmål från ett håll som Israel inte kan blunda för: de egna soldaterna.
    ...Israel har genom sin rätt korta historia antagligen skött sig bättre än många andra länders arméer. Det verkar inte gälla längre.
    Vi såg det exempelvis i slutskedet av Libanon-kriget 2006 då Israel spred mattor av så kallade klusterbomber i södra Libanon. Det var svårt att se något militärt värde där.
    Och nu kommer vittnesmål från israeliska soldater som deltog i Gaza. Vittnesmål om hur lösa reglerna blivit om när de tilläts öppna eld.
    En prickskytt sköt exempelvis ihjäl en mamma och två barn. Hennes hus hade just tvångsevakuerats av israelerna och hon var tillsagd att gå till höger.
    Hon gick till vänster istället. Det räckte.
    En annan soldat berättar hur han fick order att skjuta ner en äldre kvinna som gick 100 meter från hans postering.
    - Jag vet inte hur jag ska beskriva det, säger en soldat. Palestiniernas liv är, låt oss säga, något mycket, mycket mindre viktigt än våra soldaters.
    Med andra ord, befälen kan alltid motivera en order om att skjuta. Den gamla kvinnan kan ju gömma en bomb på sig. Och om inte... Tja, vem får veta.
    Arméveteraner ruskar på huvudet när de läser vittnesmålen som samlats ihop av akademikern Dany Zamir. De känner inte igen sig längre.
    Zamir skickade först rapporten till försvaret men inget hände. Då vände han sig till israeliska medier. Så nu är den offentlig och utredningar har satts igång

  9. That was a long contribution to this discussion, not debunking anything that the blog entry says and instead going over to many other things you have read about in pamphlets. Maybe you even copy and pasted much of it? Well I will pick up a couple of things to answer to. This is however not a debate forum, you can send me an email in Swedish if your responses is going to be this long. I almost deleted this, but I let it stand to show that people who deny being socialists really are socialists.

    First of all the Hitler thingy. One can never, ever, accuse a politician that raise taxes, imposes welfare reforms and builds a strong and huge government for being “right” in politics. Even if Hitler had some nationalistic and elitist thinking that could be considered as ‘conservative’, it doesn’t make him lean towards the right side of politics. His four years plan thinking when it comes to economy together with the collectivistic solutions he had for everything, cannot be regarded as something that has to do with the right, that’s left policies and you know it.

    Second of all you mentioned AFA (Loosely translated into: anti fascistic action). Those guys are using force and violence to hinder people from thinking, saying and writing what they believe in. That’s called fascism, nothing else. You cannot have a free society without letting people having their freedom of choice, no matter how stupid it is. The moment you say that someone doesn’t have the right opinion and you use force to cut them down, you are what you claim to oppose.

  10. The idea of a left/right scale being the important part in this is the biggest lie of the left. Hitler wasn't joking when he called his party NSDAP (Nazional-Social-Democratische Arbeiter Partei). The relevant political scale is Statism vs Individualism. Statist government always acts the same way: Destroy individual rights, put in total surveillance, start youth organizations, find opponents of society that can be demonized (jews, handicapped, people with glasses etc), and when none of this works to keep power, they start wars.

    National socialism is socialism that has grown dominant in one country. Suddenly, it turns violently isolationist. Give up trying to blame the right for your own totalitarian strivings.

  11. Obama has some scary similarity with Obama 2009!

  12. Oops! I ment Hitler ;P

  13. Hitler 2009? :)

  14. Someone asked for sources. These are all easy to find on the Internet. Of course most of them are right wing blogs, papers and such, but they or for the most part valid since there are numerous sources to tap onto.

    I normally don’t do links, in the beginning because I didn’t know how to (Yeah I know – see my last sentence…), and now because I don’t really care. If you want to find out, go and look for yourselves. I’m not here to amuse you and do your job for you, just here to tell you you’re an idiot, which most of you are.

  15. And this is an old entry, Henrik linked the wrong one... :)