Friday, March 20, 2009

Those idiots at Coca-Cola

I had a fine day today at work, well, even better then fine actually. But one thing kept bugging me and is still on my mind now when I’m about to leave for the pub. I bought a Cola bottle, the plastic kind, and on the cork there was a message; “Use hand to turn” and then there was an arrow, showing which way to turn. And I was thinking, and still I am; what the hell and everything that is Obama, does this mean!? Are people opening cola bottles with their anus on a regular basis? Are bulldozers used to force those suckers open? Are people so profoundly stupid that they don’t know how to open a bottle? Or is this just a total waste of money and resources by Coca-Cola? I am leaning towards this latest one because you people haven’t really fallen so long down the evolutionary steps…. or have you?

"Get up, get out, get drunk - repeat as needed"

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