Friday, March 20, 2009

The sad fact about America

Someone asked me why I cared so much about America and why I write crap about their mess. There are several reasons for this. First of all the United States is the worlds most powerful and, until recently at least, financially strongest nation. What happens there effect all of us and consequently it is of interests none Americans. Second of all, US were founded on the notion of freedom, equality and justice. As the only nation in human history to start out with those premises USA have always stood for hope and fight against tyranny. When you wave that flag we might say we loath you, we might even act as we hate you, but at the same time there has been respect, envy and for many people, dreams. Dreams about a place where you actually can enjoy peace and fulfill your full potential as a human. Sure you have done mistakes and done your share of damage to the world, but for a very long time you never lost that dream.

Your founding fathers and that constitution of yours are two of histories proudest achievements of the human race. You have come to rescue Europe several times, you saved us from the oppression of the communists, but now there is soon nothing left. You yourself are turning into the very thing your founding fathers didn’t like. You are becoming what all those millions upon millions of emigrants fled from: an oppressive socialist state built on the notion of printing money and government spending. You do not carry that dream and you cannot be called “the land of the free” anymore. This is what really saddens me and that’s why I write crap about America. Once upon a time I too dreamt of going across the Atlantic to the home of the brave, now I don’t see the point. To be fair, this isn’t entirely Obama´s fault, there have been many others and the one to mainly be blamed for your mess is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That was the Keynesian who started your real decline. Obama will however go down in history as the president who brought you from prosperity to hyperinflation and despair. Welcome to the rest of the world and say hello to all those people in history that lived under oppression and idiocy, you are now one of us.


  1. I now live in San Francisco - one of America's most beautiful cities, but also the most ignorant regarding the potential for government to oppress. The bulk of my fellow citizens vocally demand more government control. As a (very) small businessman - a taxi driver - I have opportunities to try to convince them otherwise, but it is depressing when I encounter resistance. Often I think about throwing in the towel and returning to the Midwest where the climate is worse but at least people look out for themselves.

  2. In the 60's San Francisco was an incredible place to live but somewhere along the way the message of the age became distorted and full of hate. I live in the states and have for almost 60 years. I have seen it go from a nation that at least payed lip service to human dignity and freedom to a nation where the majority apparently wishes to surrender that very same freedom for a government guarantee that they'll take from the other other guy to give to thee. The danger I see in Europe is the possibility of it becoming balkanized or allowing the vocal and violent members of the immigrant community to change the culture to the point that it is unrecognizable. Målmo , Sweden case in point.