Friday, November 6, 2009

Obama reveals aliens?

Lately I have stumbled upon several discussions about how the Great Leader soon will reveal the existence of extraterrestrial life. You cannot really take such claims seriously. People who write stuff like this are the very same people that after a night of licking frogs and drinking bong-water claim to have been abducted. They go way beyond any normal tin-foil hat.

However, thinking about it for a while, wouldn’t this be the perfect way of covering up the elitists mistakes, boost Obama’s approval ratings, and make people much more inclined to buy a world government and a world currency?

Well, yes it would.

And it wouldn’t even be needed to be true; with today’s technology they can probably fool 9/10 of the world populace. The bigger the lie…

So however farfetched such a claim may be, I wouldn’t completely rule it out either. They will soon come to the end of the line, their scams cannot work forever, the economy is about to collapse, something needs to be done, and soon. Will it be Aliens? Nah, that’s very much out there, and why would any creatures from another world care about us suicidal maniacs?

Fun thought though.


  1. Another Roswell Incident could be on the cards. Sounds ridiculous even to me, but then again, we all do ridiculous things when desperate.

    If it occurs (or rather, gets staged), it'll happen somewhere sparcely populated and generally filled with aligator-eating rednecks who will convince themselves they really did just have a conversation with an alien in perfect English. An alien who supposedly just crashed at 3,000 miles per hour and didn't even get so much as a bruise or split lip. There's definitely more than one idiot born every minute.

    I'm probably just daydreaming out loud. I had a few drinks last night and it's still getting to me. But how many steps is it between Gordon Brown saying (seriously) to a world audience that he has 50 days to save the entire planet, and things like the above? Not many...

  2. I know, that's my thinking. Nothing with these tricksters can surprise you.

    As said, interesting thought... :))

  3. Burn ze jews and all of ze british. I shall control zis wurld with me funny mustache and arian lookz!