Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What goes up must come down…

This is maybe even greater news then the future marriage in the Swedish royal family. Well, at least it’s funnier. Apparently a satellite, costing the American tax payers $280-million, were launched to study global warming, you know, that made up idiocy people are afraid of. Failing to reach the orbit it crashed near Antarctica. Oh, maybe it was space monsters or Aliens? Seems reasonable thinking of the satellites purpose. Anyhoooo… The reason for the satellites crash isn’t completely clear and more millions need to be invested in the research before another satellite for about the same idiotic amount is launched. This is great waste of money is, if anything, great entertainment. People have bought this crap about manmade global warming so the NASA idiots jump onboard, finally getting to do something again, to waste people’s money and they make a satellite that crashes so they have more things to do. Is it just me that sees the conspiracy here?

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