Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gay marriage in church is idiocy

Don’t get me wrong, a couple of my oldest friends are gay and I have an aunt who is gay. If they want to get married, let them, it’s stupid, but if even gay people feel the need to be stupid, so let them. Don’t you love that everyone always seems to excuse themselves when talking down gays, black or Muslims? “I know many” or “My relative is xxx” is normally the first phrase. So from now on, every time I put down gays or whatever, I won’t brag about my connections, if you think I’m a bigot or racist, that’s your problem.

There are two reasons why gay marriage is brainless, wrong and idiotic. First of all the whole thing is stupid. Some religious sects that believe in life after death and are responsible for millions of dead people find it great for citizens to bind themselves according to the law? That’s just completely idiotic. Real “marriage” is not according to law or some bloodthirsty priests, it’s according to love. And as a rule: whenever the government or some religious idiots feels it’s appropriate to “trick” people to do something to get something – in this case better protection in case the loved one dies, or in case of “divorce” – you should regard it as highly suspect. The whole thing is a scam.

The second reason is; whatever you think about religion, the government or love for that matter, you cannot force other people to do your bidding. If an organization wants to put a metal object on some peoples fingers and have some rules revolving that, that’s their deal. You cannot run to the government and impose a law to overrule that organization just because you think they are wrong or you want that metal ring yourself. That’s called fascism! So if you are gay, don’t blame the church for you not being married, that’s their thing. If they don’t want to marry you, they shouldn’t. Their organization, their rules. Every priest that refuses to marry gays has my full support. And if you are gay, you should feel lucky and happy about not getting too involved in the greatest killing machine of all time; religion.

So this political correctness with gay marriage is a horrible thing and we can without hesitation say; Gays are idiots.


  1. Sorry, but it is a bit of an bigot view when you assume that all gays wants to be married in some church. There are different opinions within the gay community also. To describe all gays as idiots, that wants to be fooled by religion,is to easy. So dont brag about knowing gays next time, perhaps a majority of gays would think they are airheads anyway, just make your point. A point that is very good and well worth thinking about./Gay and atheist