Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Travel idiocies

Okay, even though I’m against most forms of surveillance and control of people, I kind of liked the new rules they have at many airports around the world. Not because it stops terrorist, it don’t. But more for keeping away those complete madman’s that might pop up. In a world consisting of morons, there are always those who stand out a bit more than the rest. They drink too much and start to fight with airplane personal or they suddenly throw a fit and go berserk pretty much anywhere. You don’t want those people on your airplane, but if they still end up there, you definitely don’t want them to have weapons in their pockets. So for the most part I actually don’t mind getting searched fifteen times and getting my picture taken a hundred times at airports.

But; arriving at Heathrow, on February 16th 2009 (for those government idiots who read this), and when I already had went past 7 or 8 control points; I got the “real” security check and got halted. I apparently had fluids in my bag. I thought; did I leave a beer or a Cola in there somewhere? But no, I had a small bottle of soap and some hairgel. Okay, I’m no chemist, and maybe some genius somewhere can MacGyver together a bomb or something from soap and hairgel, or maybe I had missed something about those kinds of things and airplanes, so I kind of let it slip while the security lady put those bottles in the trash. But then something interesting happen, she let me keep my aftershave! Why? It contains alcohol, its flammable, why throw away my soap but not my aftershave? I thought this was really strange. And then the control lady picks up my nail clipper and I thought; Fuck! On my nailclipper there is a nailpolisher that you can pull out and that one is really a weapon. I could easily kill 3 crewmembers, two old ladies, a couple of children and the captain with that thing. But she just throws it together with the rest of my stuff. And by this time I’m actually mistrusting the whole system. Something is seriously wrong here. And then she tops everything off with sending her “friends” at the security away to eat lunch, standing there alone with me, and I know this is wrong. In case of a felony or someone tries to smuggle something, it always needs to be at least two witnesses. I’m not a bad guy, no matter what you think from reading the things I write and I’m a harmless looking fellow and Swedish, so you don’t really suspect me like that black Muslim Abdullah from Saudi Arabia, but still. Follow the rules damn you and don’t let me or anyone else whoosh you by with a weapon and flammable fluids, while you toss away the soap!

And now comes the real fun part. Oh this is great. When I get past this last security check with the lonesome security lady, into the terminal, I find literary hundreds of stores, selling soap, hairgel and lots of other things with which even I could build bombs and even start wars with. Also I can get drunk while shopping those terrible murderess things. This is complete idiocy! Are the governments of some countries in the hands of the beauty and cosmetic industries? Is that the real reason for this shit, not the terrorists? Toss away the soap so I will buy a new one!? So now I’m against those surveillances and monitors too. Apparently totally useless. Terrorists always find a way through, no doubt about that, but can you at least check those madman’s and have some consistency to this thing!?

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  1. Yeah, this is incredible. The best one is getting butter knives thrown away at the X-ray checkpoint. Then you walk into the taxfree area, where knife sets as well as Victorinoxes are available to bring onboard the plane.