Friday, February 20, 2009

Swedish women are clueless - according to RFSU

RFSU in Sweden suggest that birth control pills should be “free” up to the age of 25. This dim-witted proposal is put forward with the “argument”: women have the right not to get pregnant against their will. Really? How about not having sex? And why the age of 25y? Isn’t that a bit discriminating against older people? And why aren’t they telling us that these women in fact are the ones that also pays for these “free” pills? Or do a deluded RFSU believe that pills are a gift from Santa? There are no secret were babies comes from. If you don’t want babies, do the operation, don’t have sex or use birth control. If this isn’t clear to the Swedish female then she is inept beyond belief. The whole thing is very simple, but RFSU wants the tax payers to buy “free” things to give to themselves. Only a very bizarre organization with brainless spokespersons can propose such an idiocy.

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