Thursday, February 19, 2009

The economic crisis will soon hit us very hard – drink vodka

You should all be aware that the current financial crisis isn’t over by a long shot. It’s just getting started. And if you read this and hopefully listen, you should start piling up those candles, popcorns or whatever you need, because soon we will be hit by something worse than the great depression. Big troubles in Eastern Europe, mainly for those countries that have gone over to the Euro and problem for banks all over were the first signs. Car manufactories going bankrupt and real estate agencies loosing clients was the second sign. Then we had the hording of Gold on the market and then the different government support packages that will increase and worsen the situation. Now we also learn that investments are going way down and that calls are being made to increase protectionism and/or increase international cooperation, all the time economists and governments encourage spending with borrow and fictive money. This can’t end well.

These are all signs of the economies going downhill. There is no real panic yet, but it should be. And with socialist all around the world screaming about government solutions, increasing taxes and strengthening unions will not really help either. The thing to wait for now is that last little spark to get the fun going. It might be anything from a company declaring themselves out of business to a government imposing martial law. It will happen and I have will enjoy all of the mayhem and idiocy with vodka, the true mistress of entertainment.

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