Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mating with Peruvian midgets

It seems that the one with the really tiny penis, the Gorgon of UK, have done well.

The latest economic figures from the British Isles aren’t the stuff you read to your spawn before bedtime, in fact you wouldn’t read it to a fetus aborted in the 10th trimester.

Apparently the British economy contracted in January as retail sales, net exports and industrial production figures shows us.

You see when the seasonally adjusted index of production in January 2010 fell by 1.5 per cent compared with the hellish month of January 2009, that’s a bad sign. A really, really bad sign.

But the chippy Prime Mentalist was out talking to his serfs today stating that "we will weather the storm together". Probably trying to once again work the kind of mojo where anyone who sees his little presto-change-o instantly forgetso.

But he also urged discipline in public sector pay, announcing a pay freeze on senior public servants such as NHS managers, top civil servants, judges and military leaders and the pay of consultants, GPs and dentists. Too little too late is an understatement. Whoever wins the coming general elections will haft to face a financial calamity of unprecedented screw-ups.

As many of their counterparts NeuLabour has been out letting the banks hoard cash courtesy of the taxpayer. The banks in turn have been buying housing from themselves to keep prices up and making the best out of peoples stupidity. Despite that housing prices dropped by 1.5p% in February, which is yet another sign of worse times up ahead.

UK deficit is currently above 12%, close to the same level as the Greek one. The public official debt is however lower and the British reputation is a bit better than that of Greece. On the other hand the total debt (public+company+private) is actually higher in Britain and the scams are the same, so when figures like those mentioned here pops up it doesn’t bode well.

In conclusion Gorgon Brownie and his thugs have managed to utterly destroy the country, but the crash isn’t here yet, but it is not far off either. Let’s wait for Spain, Portugal and maybe Japan before we see riots, massive demonstration and the Union Jack burn in hell.

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