Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jihad Jane as internet terrorist

I haft to give it to media; they do know how to spin a story. One of the intended assassins set out to recruit a network for suicide attacks and other terrorist strikes in Europe and Asia, dubbed herself ‘Jihad Jane’. The crazy bitch in question was so intent on waging jihad that she traveled to Sweden to kill an artist, probably the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who is believed to have a $100,000 bounty on his head from an Alky Aida linked group. This was to frighten "the whole Kufar [nonbeliever] world."

All is well so far.

But just as I asked for yesterday we can today read about how the American lady, Colleen R. LaRose a.k.a. Jihad Jane, used the Internet to recruit and assist Muslim terrorist operations in Europe and Asia.

Apparently using e-mail and YouTube videos for this purpose.

You can almost hear the pitter patter of huge combat boots closing in on your own home connection don’t ya? I do.

I have an army of elves trawling YouTube. I do troll but only on blogs. Also there are pixies throwing dust around Facebook and… hello… isn’t there saffron-clad skinheads playing old school horsemen-style apocalypse games on MySpace?

Anyway, it seems that Jihad Jane (love the nick!) had very frequent email discussions with other terrorists. Allegedly e-mailing one of the Muslim conspirators about her desire to become a shahed, or martyr. She also e-mailed the Swedish Embassy in Washington, asking for instructions on acquiring permanent residency in Sweden.

So I guess we need more regulations then. Isn’t that right? Sure it is, and also more control and an additional surveillance agency roaming blogs. And how can people still email authorities? Isn’t that sort of… wrong? We may get information that way, certainly that loophole need to be fixed.

Terrorists online, oh my Allah…