Monday, December 28, 2009

Predictions for 2010 – Part II

Let’s see what the coming year have installed for us shall we.

As anyone with half a brain already have figured out Internet is doomed, at least for most ordinary users. We already know there will be more restrictions, more additional legislation and that surveillance will creep into everything.
A pedophile used Facebook? Oh my lord! Time to wind up the thought police another notch, right Timmy?

Terrorists sent one email, grandma wished to read about Hitler, some kids wanted to play the latest game, ordinary citizen downloading Gangbang Girl 69, some bloggers are writing the truth about global warming, an information site have been dishing the flu shoot, and let’s not forget all the racists right-wing gun-toting maniacs that hate Oduma and wants to marry their own cousin. Any excuse will do and no matter what the thing we can all be absolutely sure about for the coming years is that more restrictions, more surveillance, more control functions, more departments and so on will emerge comes to internet.

For some reason there’s still people out there asking ‘why’. Idiots. How can mainstream media, big business, government and all the elitists run their scams if the real information and truth is available for every smuck with a computer? Well, they still can with massive information campaigns and miss-information spread around, but still it’s too much of a liability. People may be educated, find out that they have been lied to, or actually start to think for themselves. Now that’s scary, people actually reading, researching and drawing own conclusions? Uhuh… that we cannot have.

Of course this is not all bad. The Pirate Party may grow in strength, and entire generations of youngsters will start to detest government. Hopefully some hacker will destroy the financial system, erase all the ones and zeroes keeping the stock markets alive and delete all history from all treasury computers. Now that would be funny. It will not save internet from being overrun by fascist creeps, but at least we would get a good laugh out of it.

Well, nothing that big will happen, but one or two will hack into some defense system during next year, quite possible on orders from government, knock out some traffic-lights or piss off some bureaucrat which of course leads to even more fascist laws that the government need to invent to stop such acts from happening again.

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