Monday, December 28, 2009

The magical tale of depression

Oh, hello, there, gentle readers. You caught me catching up on old favorites. It's wonderful to get lost in a story, isn't it? Adventure and heroics and discovery: don't they just take you away? Come with me now, if you will, gentle readers. Join me on a new voyage of the mind. A little tale I like to call: how we destroyed our way of life.

Our story begins, not very surprising, with a bank.

This bank was central for the righteous planners. It had appointed virtuous men guarding its secrets and no ordinary citizen were allowed any insights into its affairs. Whenever a problem within the kingdom come to pass, the virtuous well educated manly men within the bank acknowledged this problem and acted accordingly - they embarked on mystic tales of adventures spreading the good notes of wisdom. These notes, magical in their existence, came in abundant supply and could easily be spread around the kingdom with a press of a button. The notes held no inherent value, but oh so fun our heroes at the bank had when they handed them out. With colors, numbers and the occasional hero of the past printed on them - what could anyone do other than love such notes? And whatever the problem may have been, new notes were printed to extinguish any predicament.

Our brave and noble champions of the bank also had another way of quenching any cultural quandary; they could fictionally increase or decrease how the ordinary inhabitants of the kingdom acted comes to purchases. With yet another press of an enchanted button numbers rose or fell according to whatever the powers that be wanted. With these means at their disposal the market was supposed to adjust itself accordingly.

But as with any tale in stepped the villain – the horrid common man. Oh, what a vile and loathsome creature of pure evil he was. Wanting what’s best of himself and his family he mostly ignored what the heroes of bank wanted. How can anyone not detest such a scoundrel? And as if the private choices of the common man weren’t enough, he sometimes even saved money when he should spend it or vice versa.

So our heroes called for the power that be whom, sitting at their enchanted castle, couldn’t stand idly by while this horrible monster worked outside the goodness of what was right and true. And so they issued several decrees stating that the common man was the enemy of the kingdom and so should be taxed, controlled and be tied down with magical chains. And if this despicable one wouldn’t comply the powers built dungeons to hold him for crimes against those deemed better.

Our virtuous heroes could now press buttons all the time, throwing notes around like there’s no tomorrow. Heighten or lower any numbers they wanted in order to keep the divine plan running.

But the common man had yet another sinister idea; he could hide his earnings in another kingdom or, worse, could work less. Both options would lower the amount of wealth pouring into the pockets of those above hence the powers handed out another decree of righteousness said to be the most helpful act of benevolence in history. This because the decree made it illegal to store too much wealth, since it, of course, belonged to those ruling the kingdom. The decree also clearly stated it was a crime to have any personal interests and to express an own opinion through the grapevine should hence forward be known as acts of terror.

And again our virtuous heroes could press buttons and have fun, again throw notes around, and again heighten or lower any numbers they wanted in order to keep the divine plan running. They could also, together with the high and mighty, employ more of their kind to further bring in stability and control.

The common man, now deemed evil, prosecuted, beaten down and kept within righteous rules first reacted as he should, complying with the order of things, but as time went by he once more resorted to his sinister ways. Apparently sinful to his bones and without shame he again started to ignore the rules, started a new way of earning his own money and seemed unwilling to use the magical notes or follow the magical numbers of the honorable bank.

Again the powers together with the bank issued new laws, printed more notes and handed out more numbers for everyone to follow. Creating more wonderful rollercoaster’s of finance. And again they could employ more of their kind to further bring in stability and control.

And so the story goes on and on until either the common man brings forth pitchforks and torches to storm the castle or the kingdom plunges into war and financial disaster.

Oh, I cannot wait to see how our story ends. Can you?

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