Monday, December 28, 2009

Predictions for 2010 – Part I

Let’s see what the coming year have installed for us shall we.

One tingling sensation emanating from my well-shaved balls that has grown stronger over the latest year or so and is now reaching Spiderman-grip levels is the imminent threat of an terrorist attack.

There are many signs pointing in this direction. We have economic and socioeconomically reasons to believe such acts are being planned right now. Different political structures and such events as the Swish vote to ban minarets or the recent burning of a Mosque in West Midlands, UK, seem to imply a growing tension. We’ve also seen demonstrations, a mounting support for anti-immigrant policies and many other funnies. However, the thing that will, without a doubt, force a reaction is the warring going on in the Middle East.

How many hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, or Pakistan do we not have in our western countries? Do you think that all these people are alone and have no living relative still in their home country suffering and dying right now? How reasonable is it to say that bombing Muslim villages and murdering thousands of women and children will not awoke anti-western feelings among Muslims? Even those out there stating and believing in the wars cannot with a straight face argue that retaliations aren’t expected.

Millions are refugees in Pakistan roaming the countryside starving and getting bombed by US military, there’s a civil war going on in Yemen, we have the sable-rattling between Iran and the US and so many other hilarious pranks being played out right now that I’m absolutely sure that soon, very soon, we will experience an terror act of unprecedented size and horror. As I’ve said before the most likely target is pretty large mid-western cities like Oklahoma were the security is lower. However, I would say it is far more likely that a country like Denmark, Switzerland or France get hit rather than the US. Why? More a feeling than anything else really. And if we listen to the doomsters and tin-foil hats London is the next target.

But whatever the place we can be sure of four things. Firstly it will have a unifying negative effect among the elitists. Their plans to impose super-restrictions on airports and total lock-down of internet can be implemented without any larger opposition. They get a scape-goat to blame when the economy crashes, which they can sell as an unfortunate consequence of such terrorism (they cannot themselves be blamed for financial calamities, oh no…), and people wanting to bring home the troops will get fewer or at least get less heard. Secondly it will be a huge boost in approval ratings for most, if not all, sitting governments. We tend to hold on to those in charge when things like wars and large terrorist attacks happen. Even the worst government in modern history led by Gorgon Brownie in the UK may actually survive another term if they get an external enemy to fight. People get afraid, are already afraid today. Not very strangely then, with this in mind, that so many suspect Georgi W Chimp for the 9/11 attacks. I’m not one of those, but such desperate measures have been taken by governments before and why not again.

Lastly I will laugh and say ‘I told you so’.


  1. Not to mention that the police have recently warned of an imminent attack on London. The training must be going well, then.

  2. Well.. ironocly nuff.. allah "followers" will prob win.. the "jihad" has won the fear, now all good ppl have to do is to ignore it or just hope the rulers will deal with it.. sweden will prob be the first country to be isamistic in europe.

  3. Döda alla grisar som turkar gjorde mot armenier 1915.
    Jag är själv armenier och vill att alla andra ska uppleva vad armenierna upplevde 1915 så länge när världen inte vill erkänna att turkarna (muslimer) gjorde folkmord på armenierna (kristna) 1915 pga strategiskt förhållande med Turkiet.

    Noubar är armenier