Sunday, December 27, 2009

The heroes of 2009

There are very few people during one of the worst years in the history of mankind that deserves the epithet of hero. But some stand out a bit from the sheople of the world. I could mention the economists and bloggers out there that actually do their best to bring some light into a very dark world, and I could mention the mothers and fathers of the world trying to make the best of what they got, but this is my list and as such I’ve picked what I regard as the best of 2009.

I hope to see much more of these during 2010, but I’m not keeping my breath. The coming years of financial depression, wars and other funnies will probably see less and less of true heroes, there’s hardly any heroes left in the world. In either case I know that next year will be even funnier.

The Heroes of 2009:

We have of course the Iranian people (most of them) that continue to rally, oppose and complain despite summary executions, hundreds thrown in jail and threats issued daily from the totalitarian regime. These are the ones to follow; this is what we all should be doing. You may think things aren’t so bad in your country, but really, how big is the difference? And have you seen what direction we’re heading? Fuck! What a bunch of namby pamby boohooing lazy twits people of this world are. The Iranians opposition has my full support and let’s hope that the warmongering Oduma don’t mess things up with more wars in the region. Iran may very well be on the verge towards better times, so the pick-pocket in chief better stay away.

Oh, and some of the most beautiful women of the world comes from Iran, they seem to have a very sultry and sexy cluster of x-chromosomes in that part of the world. So please throw out those religious nut-jobs so we can see more naked people from Persia!!

Heather Brooke
The political elite and labour fascists in particular probably have this lady on several hit-lists by now, which says it all. Read more at Old Holborn. I see a statue in the future…

The people of rural Kentucky
When you find a census collector hanged from a tree near a Kentucky cemetery that had the word "fed" scrawled on his chest, and we see an increase in violence against authority figures in the area souring with 500% since 1996, we know we have lots of true heroes gathered in the same area. If more parts of America were like Kentucky the city of Washington would be burned down to the ground by now. I don’t know how many from that area that read this blog, but if any of you do, you have my deepest respect.

John Landers

This guy is by no means alone; there are others that have managed to perform similar heroism. However, he’s my pick for a general salutation all around to those of you out there that protect yourselves as well as your fellow man. John Landers shot and killed a masked robber trying to rob Burger King in Miami. I just wish everyone own and carried a gun and maybe robbers wouldn’t even consider their occupation. But of course most governments have conveniently outlawed self-defense. Armed with a 9mm Glock 19 Mr. Landers is a true hero.

If I were to pick one set of heroes, a country that has against overwhelming pressure stand up for what is right; Honduras and its people must be it. Despite having every media company in the world as well as all the leftie crazies and most politicians condemning them, they stood their ground, they kept their democracy and they won victory after victory by refusing to comply with fascists and socialists. They had the right, the law, democracy, freedom and every form of decency on their side from the start, but it’s easy to buckle under pressure when the totalitarian idiots of the UN and all the authoritarian forces of the EU and US are throwing everything at you except armed soldiers.

The only shining beacon of light of 2009, the only country in the world really heading in the right direction and apparently the only people of the world that wants democracy, freedom and justice.

It will take a decade or so to bring the high crime-rates and poverty under control, but the future of Honduras is very bright. I’m seriously considering moving there. If they can keep this up for a long time I suggest you all to consider investing in Honduras and moving there.

Anna Odell
This is probably a surprise for many, but this woman really deserves to be on this list. For you non-Swedes out there, this girly pretended to be mentally ill, “tried” to jump of a bridge, and got herself locked up and, apparently, did hurt some nurses in the process. According to some rumors she even tossed feces at the nurses. Then, whoopedido, she was sane again and could graduate from her art-class with this art-work as her exam, everything paid for by the tax payers. And yes, this little move is regarded as “art” by some morons within the Swedish publicly run school system.

This little cutie has shown us all where our tax-money really goes; down the black hole of government. With her little scam she did more to wake people up than anything during 2009, or any other year for that matter. And since she wasn’t alone, some other Art-student thrashed a subway-cart and filmed it as his exam; many among the general public got a wake-up call. I’m not saying this will change anything, most of you morons out there still don’t get it, but this is a big step towards enlightenment for many and so Anna Odell should be on this list.

The Italian insano’r’us
Both Silvio and the Poop(e) got some of the beating they deserve. Of course both of these totalitarian fucks should get locked away in a dungeon tortured for all eternity, but the little things in life need to be acknowledges and celebrated and cheered on whenever they happen. Apparently both of attackers have been labeled ‘insane’. I would rather regard anyone out there that don’t want to do the same thing and isn’t laughing at such events as the real madmen.


So there you have it people. And let’s end in a high-note with this little classical tune that everyone should be humming to by now.

“…more regulations is their only answer.” Truly poetic…

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  1. Thanks for your support of Iranian people. My heart is with the brave women and men of Iran these days.
    Oh and I agree with you about the beauty of Iranian women :-) May they will be free soon!