Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How many IPCC members does it take to change a light bulb?

While mainstream media tries it very best to ignore Climategate, the truth is unfolding day after day. We now know that a single three in Siberia is responsible for half the hysteria, the other half seem to come from climatologists feeding the lies with more lies. The whole thing stinks and is as impure as the driven yellow snow.

They move reading-stations to get the desired reading, and when that doesn’t work they fiddle with the numbers or sweep any contradictory fact under the linoleum floorboard. Anyone questioning this sort of “science” get bullied, fired, loses founding or get to be called an average run-of-the-mill lunatic. And when they get find out, as with the emails, NASA’s deceptions or Chinese tricksters, it get ignored. Media focuses on some poor island sinking into the sea, like that never happened before. Maybe fires ravish the Australian countryside or rain falls over the ever growing opium-gardens in Afghanistan, and it’s all because of us driving SUV’s.

As seen in this article from The Telegraph, US lawyers are going after some of the hoaxters, which should be kind of fun. And at least the limos, private jets and the dining in Fraudenhagen for taxpayer money seem to have wakened some slumbering idiots, but the swindle keep gaining momentum anyway. Oh, and rest assured, his saintliness Gorgon Brownie have arrived and made some declarations that may calm some locked-up and beaten peaceful demonstrators. And, as with any con, the key-element is to take the opposite side’s best arguments and turn them around. If there’s not a single evidence for manmade global warming, then, of course, there’s a consensus and no need for further debate. And if people are starving because of lack of cheap energy and a financial crisis the elitists have created, well then the famine pictures from those dusty countries becomes evidence of changes in weather.

They are beyond sin you know, the elitists and their agenda. Beyond death, they are the thing that darkness fears, never seen, everywhere around us, creeping into our thoughts feeding our hatred for ourselves. And so we, all of us, seem to inherit the weaknesses of human nature, our mortal sins that makes us automatically guilty for anything nature produces. The righteous elitists power structure tells us that to smoke a cigarette is to kill your neighbor, driving a car is murdering the young, drinking automatically leads to rapes, sharing information outside government control is the same as terrorism, washing clothes makes black people starve, shining light-bulbs implies immorality, and any form of carbon emission creates hurricanes, tornadoes, land-slides and whatnot. People are bad, evil, not having a single thought that is good. We need to be brought under control, taxed and regulated for our own good, we’re not aware that we are killing ourselves.

And that growing sentiment of us being too many. Read about that one? Many respected scientists are arguing the earth is overpopulated; we need stop fucking or use more condoms. This is a re-occurring opinion that pops up now and again. Apparently the Chinese have it right, ban people from getting more than one child. Oh, those totalitarian ideas never seem to die do they? The solution comes automatically since we’re all evil, we, the people, are the ones murdering ourselves. Why shouldn’t the elitists generate population-control? I’m not saying those craziest tin-foil hats that claim that any vaccination or additive in our water supply is a way for those in power to get rid of some pesky humans, but you gotto wonder how else they are going to keep our numbers down.

How amazingly screwed up this entire situation is. I mean, really, really screwed up in a monumental fashion. The biggest lie of all time being crammed down our throats by our benevolent leaders while they declare how evil we are. Journalists are feeding the lies with nonsense propaganda while our taxes go to pay for windmills no one uses. Tens of billions are being thrown at researches that only need to argue, without any proof, that gasoline causes ice-sheets to fall and then they get even more billions.

This is an abomination of science, creating an unaccountable new world governing body - corrupt from birth, and it’s an massive transfer of wealth from the poor in the developed world to the thugs, crooks and cleptocrats of the UN and other similar scams run by politicians and bought for scientists. Tens of millions of people stand to die, not from any made-up climate change but because they are being blocked from using cheap energy and kept down in poverty by corrupt regimes and financial roller-coasters created to fill the vaults of the already wealthy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the ultimate test of you synapses. Any intelligent being with an IQ over the number of toes cannot believe a word of what the powers that be say when it comes to manmade global warming. It’s a hoax; it’s a scam with no evidence proving their madness, none whatsoever. Many times have they been found out lying to us, climategate is only the most recent, but for some reason they continue building upon the lies which only goes to tell ya what I’ve been saying all along, you’re all idiots.

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