Thursday, December 17, 2009

The show most go on

As I wrote, among other places, in this post before the Fraudenhagen jamboree the whole thing is unfolding just as predicted. Like any thriller the suspense is built through showmanship, fake statements, pretend animosity and spin-doctors selling the drama.

Haven’t you seen the build-up? Before they throw platitudes and lies about to create an atmosphere of slight anticipation, just like a trailer. Then they say how much that’s at stake; the planet is in danger! huhu! Polar Bears are dying! Oh no… People are starving! Nooo! And journalists play their part - shamefully they spread the lies of climategate and write editorials that demand action taken. Throughout media report from desolate islands and small villages were people are suffering for some reason, crying interview-subjects make claims about climate and demand that politicians do something.

And then the real show starts. In steps the bureaucrats and fraudulent politicians having meetings in-between cocktails and fancy foods, all paid for by the working man. Of course some of them need to ‘storm out’ in anger over some decision or lack thereof, all to build the tension. Imagine if our saviors in suits cannot get along to save us all from certain destruction!? The planet is facing imminent destruction and they cannot get along!? Oh the humanity! How will it end?

Outside the elitists loyal followers are rallying in mock-demonstrations demanding that their masters do more than promised. Of course the storm-troopers go in to quell those pesky ones, seemingly knocking down peaceful people whom only wanting to save the planet, as an effect the easily duped populace feel sorry for those wanting more regulations, even higher taxes and lots more envirofascism. Meanwhile the puppet masters inside drink and eat even more while they conjure up more conflicts, media continues to spread some more BS, and pundits comment on the whole spectacle.

Only the popcorn and something to drink is missing, I’m stacked up with that though so I’m fine. How about you?

Anyway, what’s next you think? Well, of course they will come up with some kind of end-statement, not any new document or real unison agreement, but probably some decree saying they will meet again within a year or so. And the pick-pocket in chief and his counterparts in various nations haven’t yet made their divine appearance, so we have not seen the last of the cryptic political statements that will make the headlines yet. In any case we know that the end result, if it comes now (most likely not) or at the next meeting don’t really matter, the whole thing is a scam. From the basic assumption to this meeting and to whatever comes next, it’s a scam. The result will be higher taxes, more money thrown at useless idiocies and the re-founding of various dictators, and more stories played out in the media to keep the morons of the general public in the dark. oh, and we cannot forget the emerging New World Order.

No matter what you may think, I find this hilarious. It’s a tragic comedy and most of the actor’s deserve an Oscar for their lying alone.

And just so there’s nothing confusing you; there’s no evidence for manmade global warming whatsoever, not a single one, zip, zilch, nada. Whatever you hear is either insanity or outright lies.

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  1. Actually it's interesting to analyse the demonstrators and the political leaders as a system. The demonstrators demand more climate action and they consist mainly of anti-capitalists. The leaders, on the other hand, are interested in power, and the global climate is a question around which new power centres can be formed on a global level, and also a way for national politicians to get international profile. It's sppoky how they seem (by plan or not) to have the radicals on their side. And at the same time the media can portray the whole thing as a big conflict between radicals and establishment, where the latter use brutal violence to protect themselves from the angry and opressed.

    But: where are the real dissenters? Where do we find demonstrators that demand that this bizarre show is stopped, and who angrily critisise the use of climate change as a means for giving politicians more power, demanding the truth about climategate and so on? The radicals ensure the elite that the real opposition will never show up. The demonstrators now remind us of the chinese youth gangs who demanded "more power for chairman Mao", while he was the one in power already. Mao was clever and he used the young, angry and radical generation to his benefit, directing their anger towards his enemies. What a trick. Playing them like a piano to get rid of opponents and dissenters.

    This means that the new class don't have to fear the radical demonstrators. Instead they need them so they can gradually and/or seemingly oblige them so that both sides win: we get more global institutions of control and policy, the politicians get more power and the radicals feel that they have accomplished something. And at the same time this is portrayed as a struggle between two camps: the unjust capitalists and the angry radicals. If both sides get wat they want we will have a new system: a post-liberal mix of global planning, restrained democracy (every day a new opinion maker in sweden demand that democracy be overruled in favor of climate politics) and pc-fascism.