Thursday, December 31, 2009

The worst idiots of 2009

This is a very easy noble price to hand out. During this year we’ve seen more lying, more deceit, more growling for their masters than any time before. It’s hard to find a more complacent useless cluster fuck than these guys. I am of course talking about mainstream media.

Sometimes journalists are mere morons, but mostly they deliberately hide facts and maliciously cover up the truth. Do I even need to mention the scam of manmade global warming? It’s not only that they actually know that there’s not a single evidence supporting the alarmist’s claims; they also ignore all the real science and when such a humongous scandal as climategate strikes, they hardly bring it up. This is the biggest hoax of all time, and everything is open to everyone to read, but not to media. Instead they report how our elected frauds argue for a world government and how deeply screwed we are if the elitists cannot tax us to death.

I could also mention the economy and how they don’t check a single fact, not even questioning the simplest things. We never left the recession, the math doesn’t lie, but media do lie. Or we could discuss how media hide what’s really going on with all the tens of millions starving in Africa. Or how about all the “terrorists” lurking behind every corner? Or the pedophiles that apparently owns and run the Internet? The Wars going on?

The very people, the industry and occupation set to investigate those in power, do nothing but supporting the powers that be. It’s hard to mention a single journalist actually doing investigating work or any kind of job that can be regarded as journalism. Can you mention one?

But one event in particular have been etched in my mind, that of the Honduran situation. All the facts are available, the Honduran law is very clear on the subject, the dictator wannabe Zelaya have been very open with his totalitarian intentions, and the vast majority of Hondurans as well as all their democratic institutions say the same thing, but that truth has been completely ignored by the mainstream idiots of media. I’ve personally handed over and emailed all the necessary facts to the biggest news stations in Sweden and the UK, not a single thing have reached their reporting. If there ever was a chain of events that really, truly, reveal how anti-democratic and pro-establishment the elitists within media are, look no further than to Honduras. Anyone that knows the fact in this regard can never listen to or believe anything any of the mainstream journalists say ever again.

So there you have it, far in front of any dictator, suicide bomber or warmongering president, these guys take the price, no question about it.

Second place goes to mainstream cornflake economists. Third place I need to put sheople in general, morons as usual.

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