Sunday, July 5, 2009

Honduran Democracy needs our help

Let’s say the Swedish Prime Mentalist Fredrik Reinfeldt has a desire to change the basic structure of law in Sweden in his favour. When told he cannot act in such a way and the institution responsible for arranging election tells him NO, he order in ballot boxes and ballots from his dictator pal Ahmadinejad and tries to force the Swedish military to distribute these around the country. When the generals refuse Reinfeldt fires them and tries to reinforce his will again. During this process ignoring what the Supreme Court says, what the parliament say and even what his own party argues. And finally when Fredrik tries to use his followers to force himself into a government building and steal the ballots and distribute them himself - What would happen? I’m guessing Mr Reinfeldt would be relived from his post and charged with crimes - maybe someone would argue he belongs in a mental ward but otherwise no one would complain. This later would probably be the main opinion after the ex Prime Mentalist tries to force his way back to power and not even some idle threats from the dictator Ahmadinejad or some pro-Fredrik demonstrations would convince the Swedish people of letting this obvious madman return to his former position.

This is the exact situation in Honduras and still the democratic states of this world have decided to support the former president Zelaya. Why? That socialists salute a warmongering idiot is nothing new and I don’t really expect more from brain-dead journalists either, but still some reaction in defence of the Honduran people should be expected but no… Why?

In Sweden the loudest voices for dictatorship and madness comes from the supposedly”liberal” newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN). Own by one of the very few media consortiums in Sweden and home to braindead leftie journalists fully in the hands of the enemy class. When I was growing up this paper was considered the best from a neutral standpoint always being the best publishing place whenever someone wanted to announce something. I never understood that back then and I certainly don’t today. This paper - like every stronghold for enemies of the people - is nothing else but a megaphone for totalitarianism which now, regarding Honduras, shows its ugly face in the open for once.


  1. The Honduran democracy is doing fine, now that the communist usurper Zelaya is gone. He was trying to do exactly what the dictator in Venezuela has done, a sort of elective dictatorship, where everyone who does not agree is intimidated. South America is rapidly going communist, and B. Hussein Obama is of course helping his socialist friends. Viva la verdadera libertad del Sur! Abajo con los communistas!

  2. This is a class struggle and we both know it. Please spare us all that bs about liberal, enemies of the people, totalitar... socialists warmongering... democratic states of this world... are you real person or what?
    You and dn could become a dream team. Only few words about russian expansion to the west are missing...
    and last but not least ... fuck you too

  3. In a way you are right, it is a class struggle since the dictator wannabe Zelaya wants to impose a dictatorial enemy class to control and govern the rest. But this has nothing to do with rich VS poor or workers against capitalists, this is a fight for democracy in Honduras that so far the democratic government has managed to do pretty well. However they need our support.

    DN is a leftie newspaper filled with socialist journalists, like every other paper in Sweden.

    And to the last comment: Thanks!