Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chinese riots getting started

More riots in China? Oh, who could have predicted this... wait for a moment... I did. apocalypse-soonish

This time around it is a minor skirmish and so far a miniscule 140 or so dead and this was not really what I was talking about, there is a lot more to come. China is not as uniformed as western media often portrays her; instead there are a lot of different regions, several different religions and a big difference between the cities and the rural areas. China also faces about the same basic problem as Iran since there is a huge part of the population that is well educated, is getting more and more frustrated over certain inhabitations and restrictions the socialist’s government still insist on keeping and in addition to those fact many people also want a higher degree of social and political freedom. Ad to this the shortage of good water supplies and a continuation of a worldwide depression and there is a fine little mess that should not be underestimated. In other words it is not just the region of Xinjiang or the Tibetan situation that are good breading grounds for rebellions - keep this in mind when the depression goes over to the next step. The time is running out for the Chinese, Russians and Indians to form/select a new stabile currency instead of the soon disintegrated dollar because the shockwave from that collapse will create children of despair way outside the US.

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  1. In Iran, the rebellion is supported by the upper social classes, while the lower social classes support Ahmadinejad. There is considerable clash of self interest between the well-to-do highly educated urban Chinese, who want freedom, and the poor rural Chinese, who want welfare. Deng Xiao Bing knew this perfectly well, that's why he succeeded. If a Chinese rebellion be successful, there must be a link-up of these oppositional movements. The Beijing government is acutely aware of the dilemma, and endeavors by all means to preserve stability for good or bad.