Sunday, July 5, 2009

Japanese economists go insane

This story is too good to be true. The Japanese, that have thrown stimulus money into the economy and kept interest rates around zero for almost two decade now, have still not figured out that Keynesianism isn’t working – instead they feel they are not doing enough, so now there are some talks about abolishing money all together and set interest rates on minus!! This is so hilarious I’m having a hard time forming coherent thought. “Oh, no, it is nothing wrong with our theory, it has not worked in 20 years but we just need to do more of the same” Just when I thought economists couldn’t sink lower into stupidity. It seems to take a special kind of idiot to be an economist these days. I cannot believe that such obtuse, dangerous idiocy passes for serious economic policy.

Let’s forget for a while a magnetic storm might pass by or a cyber terrorist might attack, let’s also ignore earthquakes and such that might stop electricity. And by all means, lets also ignore that this method of “thinking” never have worked and never will and let’s instead focus on the simple fact of control. With a system like this in place and money in the physical sense disappeared and just became credit on a chip then you are effectively giving control over your wallet to Government. What would happen if Government didn't like your views? Or if you are”suspected of a crime”? They would just turn off the chip and you could no longer access your money. With this system the state has infinite power, since it could decide to restrict the usage of this electronic money at any moment, rendering a citizen under complete control. Add to this the very notion of negative interest rates from the banks, it would mean that you actually pay the bank for holding your money and since there is no alternative (government have outlaw any substitutes) this means a nifty little income for the bankers of this world, which is probably why so many “economists” love the idea.

If there are any Aliens out there listening in, reading and prodding away into our decaying world, please, please for the love of Beelzebub, invade us…

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