Sunday, July 5, 2009

They were wrong again? No way!

The Obamination regime in the US, through Vice President Joe Biden, has now admitted to have misread the economic situation earlier this year. They didn’t think was as bad as it was. To use a popular phrasing: No shit Sherlock! The moronic features of those ruling beneath übermench Barack is starting to be legendary. Instead of listening to cornflake economists and socialising everything they can get their hands on there are other solutions, but these strange people insist on using the Keynesianism’s bible of stupidity. The Vice President also stated that the stimulus was not completely in place yet and it was too early to discuss crafting another economic stimulus measure. Some democrats are also “disappointed” that stimulus funds haven’t been distributed faster – I guess this is because it takes a while for the paper to ink-dry and it is always hard to press a couple of buttons. In regards to another stimulus however this is something that is coming. I have earlier predicted that we will see more loans and freshly conjured up “money” being thrown into the fire already this autumn. US unemployment is now 9,5% and still increasing despite the Obaminations best effort to hire tens of thousands of useless drones within the public sector. It’s going to be a fine Christmas this year, oh yes…

But the Obamination and his fascist cronies are not the only ones starting to see further trouble down the road. In several countries around the world, including my birth nation Sweden, has yesterday and today had several big companies warning for falling profits and issuing warnings about more cut backs.

In conclusion this means that the printing presses will be going warm, again, and governments will take more loans, again, all the while things will keep going from bad to worse. When will mainstream journalists start to really report what is going on? When will people around the world wake up and smell the depression? When will good hardy ropes be sold out at every store? Have you baboons starting to hoard candles, guns and dried-up food packages yet? These questions and more will be answered not too far into the future.

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