Sunday, July 5, 2009

What’s next? Part II – Political assassinations

While the depression keeps ticking away and the forbearers of doom (myself included) tries to warn and educate, court jesters appears in the news, as representatives of the oppressors, telling us that things are looking better, picking up and that we soon will see the end of this recession. The economies are still going badly, the unemployment still increasing, the numbers of foreclosures going up and GDP keeps sinking but everything at a slower speed which in the eyes of those in charge is good news. It all reminds me of a sea captain telling passengers that everything is okay. Life-jackets have been sold to pay for more delicious aperitifs and there was no need for life boats since the ship couldn’t sink so while water pours in and the ship starts the descend towards the abyss speakers onboard play the national anthem and the crew is eager to assure that nothing is wrong...

A fact told us from history is that whenever a regime is put under severe stress and the people starts to question the very foundation of a certain ruling elite; some people get assassinated. This can be union leaders, military officers or people with vast knowledge about what’s really going on. Often enough it is the later group that is the prime target. Pol Pot, our loveable communist friend in Cambodia, took this to the extreme when he ordered the killing of all people with glasses. However, the normal way of the enemy class to act in regard to those telling the truth is to ignore and push aside those with “deviant” opinion. It is not only those with “racist” or “extreme” opinions that are ignored in the public debate, it is also those with hardliner anti-government agendas like syndicalists, anarko-capitalists and libertarians who are brushed aside. Another more sinister way of shutting up truthsayers is to forbid them from talking all together. Firstly there are always exceptions from freedom of speech in every country but there is also other ways to conform public opinions such as giving people with certain political views certain epithets like “fascist”, “racist”, “hat-mongerer” and so on. Secondly governments have an uncanny ability to pull a certain political view together with something horrible like saying those in favor of Internet freedom is pro-pedophiles. (Speaking of the Internet - that is of course also something that needs to be controlled and put under the scrutiny of law.) But there is also the more direct approach with killings. I predict that a couple of people here and there will soon happen to end up in “accidents” – some might already have been. For instance, did the former chief financial officer at Freddie Mac, David Kellermann, actually died from suicide? Maybe and I do not wanna sound too conspiratorial since I don’t like speculation, but this thing smells a bit strangely to me.

In any case we will see people dying in riots, in clashes with the police and from suicides as well as from “suicides”. I don’t think they will ever come after me since I’m pretty much a nobody but I do however expect some child porn “suddenly” appearing in my computer, a new law that forbids me from writing what I want or that Blogger suddenly needs to enforce some new rules.

I would you all to pay attention to people that might suddenly disappear or similar – I know most of you do not believe me in this regard, but when that shit hits the fan, when riots are ever present on the streets and media wants someone to blame people are going to die, this I promise you.

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