Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thieving soul-killing bastards

The Moderates (the supposed ‘conservative’ ruling party in Sweden) has been rocked by lots of scandals lately. Mostly it has to do with certain individuals paying for other peoples membership-fees in a way of getting votes in internal elections for the lists to parliament.

For me this isn’t news, and as the lack of bashing from political adversaries tells us; this sort of thing goes on all around. I have lots of examples of the same trickery from my time within politics, but basically this is how the game is played. People get rallied together to vote in a certain way, bribes are paid, promises handed out and one position is sold in exchange for another position. As example if one politician gets elected he will then hire some of his friends that helped with the trickery.

All the political parties do it, and for some officials it is the only way of getting elected.

In other words it’s hardly shocking or surprising and anyone out there raising an eyebrow is simply a fool for not knowing this sooner.

However, today I read something in connection to this mass of scandals that actually did shake and upset me a little.

Apparently the same party have lend out a million to a member, playing bank, at a very low interest rate. The lender, a politician with very high salary, had been handling his finances as uselessly as the government govern Sweden. And so he’s no longer able to borrow from any normal lending institute. But borrowing from the party were he’s member seems okay.

Now, this isn’t really the thing that should upset anyone, if it weren’t for the fact that most of that money is collected from the tax payers. You see in Sweden the political elite have decided that in order to have ‘democracy’ the political parties need contributions from the treasury. Of course only the few political parties already in power get money, you need to climb over a certain threshold first, effectively keeping any pesky newcomers outside with much less cash.

So when one of their own mismanages his obligations he can apparently apply for a loan within the elitist fun-club, getting his misty and dirty hands wrapped around YOUR MONEY!

But you ordinary Joe’s out there, you need to go to a bank were you’ll get screwed by con-artists because your cash flow is so low because of too high taxes and too many regulations.

Isn’t it time to get that pitchfork yet?

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  1. "killar / svider dödsskönt i kistan" as we would put it..