Saturday, February 20, 2010

It wasn’t me, it was the monkey driving!

In Arizona officials have installed high-speed cameras alongside certain roads.

In Sweden they’ve installed these things for the second time running. The first time, a couple of decades ago, it didn’t work out so well since people blasted them into pieces or attacked them with blunt instruments. But the elitists will not halt and now we can see those things pretty much everywhere. Every time I see one I wish I had one of those James Bond cars with built-in rockets.

Anyway, since the Grand Canyon State began enforcing speed limits with roadside cameras, motorists are raging against the machines: They have blocked out the lenses with Post-it notes or Silly String. During the Christmas holidays, they covered the cameras with boxes, complete with wrapping paper. One dissenting citizen went after a camera with a pick ax.

Surprisingly the authorities have admitted that the cameras were thought of as a revenue generator, expected to bring in more than $90 million in the first fiscal year of operation. This is something Swedish politicians never would admit - it’s all about the Chiiiiildreeeeen, not money...

My hero of this story is Dave VonTesmar, who has achieved some fame through his efforts to fight the tickets with a monkey mask. Allegedly sped past the cameras at least 40 times

His white station wagon is equipped with various rubber disguises, including the famous monkey mask, a Frankenstein, koala, panda bear and a ghost mask that glows in the dark.

The monkey in question:

I suggest people start booby trapping these things so whenever a official tries to replace a broken one or check it for some reason, it blows up.

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