Saturday, February 20, 2010

Environazis and Eugenics

One of the most trusted spokespersons of the Church of Climatology, the Tällberg Foundation, had an article in one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers today. Of course it’s about the need for a new world order. The argument seem to be that since the countries of the world cannot make the right decisions to follow the hoax of manmade global warming we need a world government to usher in some unifying, and forcefully imposed, resolutions.

Did anyone just hear the power turn on in the reeducation camps?

In this article we can read this (My own translation from Swedish):

“Even if 192 nations would agree upon the ‘perfect agreement’ we still miss the authority that comes with economic, law-enforcement and military power that could correct the nations whom for different reasons wouldn’t follow commitments and targets.”

Yeeeaah… okay, sounds nice don’t it? Get into line, or else!

It is hard to make this shit up, but it is not so hard to understand conspiracists when reading sentences like this. World domination is the endgame and the environazis people don’t even try to hide it.

But wait, it gets better.

Even if we ignore other statements in this particular piece about how scientists shouldn’t be allowed to be hired, work for or educate themselves within national boundaries, there are still other fun things about this foundation and their head-boys.

On their website we can read:

“Humankind is overextending earth’s annual biocapacity by 125 percent. Short-term consequences will increase prices for energy, food, water and resources for the ever-growing global population. Long-term consequences could be devastating to all forms of life on the planet.”

There are many other similar statements and it seems that these people argue for population control. They are very concerned about inhabitant’s fornicating too much which apparently could destroy the environment. Too many babies, each one a carbon-monster, may ruin Mother Nature.

Add it all together and the conclusion leaves you with a very scary scenario.

The next step may not be gas chambers, but you don’t need any higher level of imagination to see Chinese-style controls or a worldwide registration agency for anyone wanting children. And if totalitarian ideas like this are allowed to fester and put out in media it is just a matter of time before some maniac takes it to the next level.

And remember, this entire concept is based on the biggest lie ever told; that of manmade global warming. A concept there’s not a single shred of evidence for.

The environazis of the Climate Church are among the scariest people that ever emerged on this planet and if you’re not scared of them then something is very wrong in that head of yours.

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