Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hemorrhoid inflammation

The central bank chieftain of Sweden, Stefan Ingves said today: “Money policies are not designed for regulating housing prices” And then he also claimed he didn’t see any problems with climbing housing and real-estate prices.

In essence folks, what this sycophant is really saying is that you better bit down on the pillow and take it because he haven’t the slightest idea how to relate to or fix the problem. And this is supposed to be our head-economists? How did he get this job? By having the magical power of gagless fellatio?

There is another explanation that is a tad more rational – he knows what he’s doing and wants to cover up the transference of wealth from ordinary citizens to the rich and powerful. But we don’t believe he can be that sinister, do we? He only wants what is good for us, right?

Sometimes I hope that this is some sort of a joke, and that a couple of comedians pops up and says “The Central bank people only ‘air quote’ works here” and then they smile and we all know it was a giant hoax of prolonged April fools. However, I also find the situation amazingly entertaining even if it isn’t a practical joke. Here you have a financial crisis, created by banksters, politicians and other stand-up tricksters. Then they turn it all around, handing out trillions to the very same people that created the mess, all the while they claim to be looking out for the little guy. Unemployment goes up, wealth evaporates and we produce less and less, but it’s all good, because people are borrowing and spending, among other things on housing. And ridiculously low interest rates, bail-outs to banks and more newly printed money in the system have, so Ingves says, nothing to do with housing prices.

If you really believe in this scam, you deserve any additional anal cavity prodding cometh your way in the future.

Push comes to shove, you’re all gonna get screwed over by bankers, lawyers, politicians and big business who don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but your disposable incomes. And on the top of this stage telling joke after joke is the central bank, in reality looking after their banking buddies. In this world all that matters (officially) is GDP numbers, which any low-level flunky can fix into the positive with a couple of pen-strokes. Unofficially, however, what really matters is to keep the scam rolling another some odd years. They know they are creating a bubble, they know all of these scams are bad for the economy, they know that the financial outlook is shaky. They still do it, because they can save their friends and maybe, just maybe, the wheels start turning again and all that debt and all the problems they have created can be swept under the carpet, again. At least until the next crash.

The ones getting screwed are working people, the low, middle and most of the upper class. Some of you see this and call it capitalism. Others claim it to be socialism. Neither of these epithets is correct. It’s the system you see, the greedy and power-hungry can take advantage of it. They know how to twirl the knobs and how to circle around the laws and they are all in cahoots. Not always intentionally, it’s not always a conspiracy; it’s just how the world works with our current system.

In affect they take advantage of the socialist experimentation on one side, and the so so free market on the other. They can do this because the market (capitalism) is overregulated and cannot fix itself and because the obstacles (socialism) can be exploited. So they are very happy playing us against each other and keep this mixed system wherein big business, politicians and banksters sleep together in a big bed filled with tax money.

With everything going on the world in regards to internet, our civil liberties and the continuation of the swindle mentioned above, the only really good epithet is ‘statism’, or the more sinister sounding ‘fascism’. The only things missing to take that final step into totalitarianism is the Great Leader and some additional laws, laws that are well on their way.

We have a collective rear-end infection and this swollen hemorrhoid isn’t capitalism, nor is it communism. It’s them, the elitists, the enemy class. But you, as voter, have also your part in this. You wanted it, you voted for it, and when you should know how things really work, you still relax in front of a reality-show eating processed food.

Ingves are an idiot, or an malicious con-artists, but the real morons are you, the voters, the sheople.

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