Thursday, November 5, 2009

Going postal

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, an army psychiatrist who was about to be deployed to Iraq armed himself with two guns and opened fire, killing 12 people and injuring 31 others. Leaving the victims aside for a moment, do you know what kind of weapons normally can be carried at a US military base? Nothing. That’s right; the rules for carrying weapons on an Army post are standard throughout all bases. The only personnel allowed to openly display weapons on the base are military police.

If the victims in this case had been carrying, you can be sure that more people would be alive today. Consequently gun-restriction has once again had a success, but that’s not how the righteous enemies of the people will see this, oh no, on the contrary. In their minds this is another reason for restricting self-defense.

The Obamination commented these events as: "horrific outburst of violence" and promised justice. Maybe the warmongering president that have, just days ago, signed the biggest spending bill on an American war machine since WW II, are ignoring his own murders? The pick-pocket in Chief should stand trial right alongside Mr Hasan, and they should both be hanged for basically the same crime, although Hasan is the lesser of two evils.

Another fun consequence of this comes from Mr Hasan being Muslim and, according to some suspect sources, had been writing positive things about suicide bombers. This will no doubt be used as an additional reason to bomb more people of the same faith as well as induce further antagonism.

To some degree you can understand people, and possibly Hasan, for giving credit to terrorism and suicide bombers. It’s hard not to when American soldiers involved in illegal wars are murdering millions of Muslims. There are excuses for both the Iraqi and Afghani conflict, some are valid, most of them, however, are not. The only thing really going for the war efforts is the abolishment of certain totalitarian elements, but since the US is rapidly becoming an authoritarian society and almost every other reason for these wars are invalid, some “terrorist”-acts can be defended. However, it wouldn’t really surprise me if those claims of pro-terrorism in Hasan’s case are made up stories to explain this crime. Maybe they will find other connections to “terrorism” like him subscribing to NRA-newsletters or voting for Ron Paul. And as US officials already said long before this, military personnel cannot really be trusted.

As I’ve said before on many occasions, events like these are very likely to repeat themselves the more our economies fall into the abyss of statism. I must say am a bit amazed that there hasn’t been more shootings already, however, when people have lost it all, have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. ‘Going postal’ will soon be a common occurrence, and again we can say thanks to the elitists that brought us this nightmarish world.

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