Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another shooting, finally…

I was almost starting to think I’d lost my magic touch of predictions, but suddenly I noticed that another mass-shooting had taken place. This time in Texas and as usual we don’t really know if its unemployment, spirits of the dead or too tight shoes that got this maniac going. However, this is not the first, and certainly not the last. There will be lots of more of these as our economies deteriorate. Much better indication of how our countries are doing than any central banksters stupidities.

No doubt this is another reason for the righteous to argue for abolishment of self-defense, and no doubt will the elitists take this, and other similar events, as a good reason to control the populace. And maybe, just maybe, they will use this as an excuse to monitor and lock up current or soon leaving military personnel… they are crazy folks you know, the US government have already told us so, and why would they lie?

No matter what you believe in, the elitist’s point of view that no one should be able to protect themselves or the reasonable one of obvious human rights, you will be seeing lots more of this. And am not talking about gun-toting loonies or, as media wants you to think, American cities, no, this will happen near you, in your town, in your school, and be carried out by ordinary citizens and this very soon.

Don’t believe me? Well, that’s your problem. As usual I not only hold the prediction, I also know the solution. But you are too busy being a good little sheople, so go play with the other idiots and wait for the maniacs to kill you; I see no reason why you should deserve less.


  1. Du var mig en självgod jäkel! Oraklet - asg! Rolig blogg - keep it up!

  2. Lite taskig engelska...
    Du vet svaret men säger det inte? låt mig skratta.

  3. heh, Du låter som vilken asocial person som helst. Gå ut och träffa folk så inser du snabbt att du inte är så smart som du tror och att folk inte är så dåliga som du har inbillat dig.
    Oavsett om människan förstör världen är nyttan med att hata människan lika med noll. Hitta en tillvaro du trivs med istället för att göda hat.

  4. This will certainly trigger a new wave of outcries for stricter gun laws in the US.

    Seems like most US citizens have forgotten why they have their, somewhat, liberal gun laws to begin with. To protect them selves from, and to overthrow the government, come such times that the government becomes corrupt and no longer serves the people.

    The governments attempts, aided by the sheep of the people, one must add, to disarm the people to further strengthen the peoples dependence of the government.

    Our own Swedish, formerly socialistic, government works to achieve the same goals, but through different means.
    Raising taxes to a point where a family can no longer support it self, and then giving them their money back in form of welfare benefits.
    Thus creating a dependence of the government.

    We have no right to bear arms, no means to protect our selves from harm, be it from criminals of from a corrupt government.
    And seeing how the people of the US, who do have that right today, work them selves in to a frenzy trying to abolish their own rights just makes me sick!

  5. Väx upp ! Mogna !!
    / Synaren

  6. Bad English? Really? Thought it was great considering I was drunk out of my mind last night. Don’t remember writing this actually.

  7. Some what interesting idea, not the article, mind you but a swede blogging in English, rather novel I might add. Be that as it may it strains me to find any course of sensibility in your actual contribution. Either your adding to your own contradictions or your trying to mesmerise your fellow "near" bloggars with your new found acumen for another language. The slow release or hot air from a deflating balloon.

  8. "Raising taxes to a point where a family can no longer support it self, and then giving them their money back in form of welfare benefits."

    Taxes is hardly the reason why people have a hard time with their household economy.
    If you really think that maybe you should take a look at reality.

  9. And people aren’t bad, they are idiots. I know this from meeting, talking with and otherwise interact with lots and lots of them. If you don’t realize how utterly stupid people are, it means you, yourself, are a complete moron. Are you sure you were able to write stuff on your own? Maybe you had a handler doing it for you?

  10. 33 y old and "defeding" yourself like a 15 year old hormone bulging boy would have done :) Great!

    "Bad English? Really? Thought it was great considering I was drunk out of my mind last night. Don’t remember writing this actually."

  11. darrenj:
    Well, I do need to agree, at least partly. This post was certainly not one of high quality, but as said I feel kind of happy for myself since a box of wine went down. I do believe my main point was that partly this is yet another reason for the righteous lefties to argue for gun control and how dangerous military personnel are. Maybe the name of the individual can spark some resentment? Partly to point out that similar shootings will occur more frequently in the times ahead.

    As to me writing in English it has to do with learning the language a tad better and making myself more adequate to live and work in the UK, which is my current location. If you don’t like it, this post or whatever, you’re welcome to fuck off. Until the thought police decide what we can and cannot write, I’ll write whatever I want in whatever language I feel suits me. Spanish is next by the way.

  12. Linda 1:
    Taxes are one reason for people having a hard time. The central bank and fiat money other reasons. And then most countries also have a socialist government.

    Linda 2:
    Thank you! I was feeling like a teen again, well I do most of the time, but bench drinking lots of wine a working day isn’t something I usually do, not at my age.

  13. If you don't realize how utterly stupid of an argument it is to call all the people in the world utterly stupid, it means, you yourself, is a complete moron.

    Great argumentation techniques. let's go around the merry-go-round a few more times and call each other stupid. It'll make the world a better place. Complain instead of doing something productive. In your core you're just a scared human being who feel he can't control his own fate!

  14. I never claimed that my statement of peoples stupidity was an “argument”, nope, it is however a statement of fact and its self-evidentiary. Look around you. War, pestilence, starvation, central banks, Gordon Brown, financial crisis, the European Union, the scam of manmade global warming, and the list goes on and on. If you talk to a person, directly, he or she may sound intellectual enough and might even understand one or two things, but comes Election Day they still vote for the same overlords. People are idiots; anyone who claims otherwise cannot have left the cave since birth.

    And I didn’t say I was an exception for this obvious truth, I’m pretty stupid myself. However, I am smart enough to see through the scams and acknowledge the all around idiocy.

    I don’t care if you think I’m an idiot, that’s the difference between you and me. You get upset because you know, deep down, I’m right.

  15. A statement in response is an argument wether you like it or not. I am not upset or care about what you think. That's the difference between you and me. You think you can reach out to people by a blog on the internet, otherwise this would be a complete waste of your time.

    You are entitled to your own opinions. I doubt you will ever realize how counterproductive they are for your own well-being. It's people like you who think they sit on the ultimate truth about the world that finally are the ones who go out and shoot people. Columbine, The finnish kid..
    It's an utterly selfish act to kill other people because you feel the world is beyond repair. What if you kill the guy/girl who could change everything and didn't just sit around on his/her ass and complained.

  16. Again you’re wrong. There are two reasons for this blog, one is to learn better English and two is to write stuff because it soothes me a bit. Instead of chopping down a three, which I normally do home in Sweden, I write. Good way of ventilating some stuff. Getting readers are very far down on the list. I do want readers, but mostly only to tell them how stupid they are. Fire and brimstone is fun.

    And you don’t seem to realize I don’t care if I’m counterproductive or if everyone reading this thinks I’m the idiot. I gave up on people a long time ago and have no intention whatsoever of convincing someone of reality. Nowadays I relax, drink my vodka and watch all the headless chickens running around thinking they know things but still wondering why they are dying, losing jobs and working harder but getting less out of it. I find that hilarious, just as I find you very amusing.

    So I point out the funnies, and so cometh people like you, ignoring the facts, arguing pointlessly, and again my basic assumption is confirmed and again I get to laugh.

    Those shootings you’re talking about could, at least partly, have been avoided. If teachers and students were all armed, less people would have died. And the underlying psychological problems of such people can be discussed, but those are also entertaining. If I would ever go postal, I wouldn’t be at people that have done me nothing; I would go to the root of the problem, to parliament. But I like my life, I like being alive and I’m not psychotic like most morons of this world, it’s much more fun watching the idiocy than be a part of it.

  17. You don't realize I don't respond to or for you.

    It's only idiots you could ever mislead and thankfully you are too transparent to be taken seriously even by those.

  18. "If I would ever go postal, I wouldn’t be at people that have done me nothing"

    kul argument. Du inser att vår statsminister sköts till döds, att vår blivande utrikesminister knivmördades?
    Det ändrade ingenting. Like lite kommer ditt missriktade teoretiska blodbad ändra någon.
    Hur mycket du än vill lägga allt ansvar på världens politiker är det inte hela sanningen.
    Då låter mest som en person som är otrygg och inte vill växa upp.

  19. Well “idiots” like me, Clint Eastwood, Drew Carry and the Americas founding fathers have been and always will be people that elitists and lefties will try to ridicule and claim as being said idiots. Nothing new there.

    What you seem to fail to realize is that all you’re doing is confirming my statement, and that I don’t care who you are, why you write or what you or anyone else thinks of me or reality. The facts speak for themselves. If I can save some poor bugger's soul, fine, and if my ramblings are off-putting enough to make more people believing in the lies and sleep within the confines of fascism, that’s only a source of my amusement.

    And I would guess I am transparent, in a way at least, because I don’t hide. I’m very open with my political views and what I think of this or that.

  20. "Jag skrattar när folk dör, så länge de inte är i min närhet"

    "det kommer bli jordbävning, Någon kommer skjutas, någon kommer råna en bank, en storm kommer svepa över jorden. Jag är synsk, Fast bara på låtsas eftersom jag tycker det är himla roligt att häckla och håna mänskligheten. Alla är så dumma som tror jag är på riktigt. Fast jag kanske inte förstått att ingen tar mig på alvar.. vaför lyssnar ingen? nu måste jag nog göra något mer radikalt"

  21. Polarn:

    Du har, precis som övriga puckon här, inte förstått vitsen med ironi.

    Ta bort de två sista meningarna, och läs vad du skriver. Perfekt beskrivning av moi. Tackar.

  22. Tar bort de två sista och kvar blir "Fast jag kanske inte förstått att ingen tar mig på alvar.."

    Nej, sån självinsikt har du nog inte. Jag förstår mycket väl vitsen med ironi. Ironi är en försvarsmekanism.