Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Economy 101

Evidence will show, as it always does, that our economy is based on a few very simple rules. Like the fact that $1=$1, or that any sort of economy need to follow the law of physics in that you cannot conjure up something out of thin air.

Both of these absolute truths and unquestionable facts (and many more) are continuously ignored by virtually every government and every central bank on the planet. According to our masters of despair we can borrow and spend and presto; $1=$2. And money spitted out from a computer with a few keystrokes automatically leads to prosperity and blissful existence for all puppies.

This was what we were told when our masters went forth on their epic adventure of Quantitative Easing (QE).

Greatness was, again, just within our grasp, all we needed to do was to borrow trillions, print another bunch of trillions and spend it on banks and financial institute. Apparently the world is doomed without smug suits lending money to unemployed chimps, and if trading hipsters and cocaine snorting tricksters don’t get their injection of free stuff from central banks there will be marshal law and chiiiiildreeeen everywhere will die horribly.

A crisis that originated from overspending and overzealous printing of money, and a crisis increased by a system with too many rules and regulations – such a crisis, they said, will be fixed by borrowing, printing and spending going for the moon. Also such a crisis obviously will be reduced by imposing even more regulations. Obviously…

This our masters argued and oh so many amebas listened. There were even plenty of single-celled organisms incapable of generating electric pulses between synapses who argued that the level of idiocy presented to us wasn’t enough. They wanted more. For some reason another trillion borrowed and more trillions printed and given to banks would have been much better. According to such individuals $1=$25 and, of course, every time a spoon dances to a musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber daisies pops up on every parking-lot across the universe.

I know most of you out there still believe in fairytales, which is very sad and kind of cute at the same time, but what about reality? Shouldn’t you at least acknowledge its existence?

In all likelihood it is the intricate wording together with those graphs and statistics that you find both boring and very confusing. Boring it may be, but confusing it’s not. They do try their very best to make ‘inflation reduction’ and ‘annual percentage rate’ sound like the mumblings of a drowning crack-addict, but it’s not that hard to see through the scam.

Every time they say ‘Consumer price index’ it’s not about prices, it’s about you being screwed. And what goes in your reality, close to you, according to your valet, also goes waaaay up there among the righteous elitists. They just want you to think there’s another set of rules when it comes to government and financial markets.

There is only one difference between your valet and that of government – you.

A government can borrow above its income; it can pile up debts even when it’s not solvent because of a simple and diabolical plot that dwarfs that of any cartoon villain.

A government can not only put you in as collateral, it can also bet your children and your grandchildren. You are the pillar that pays for all the excess spending; you are the one who produce the wealth squandered by countless bureaucrats, but there’s only so much you can do, only to a point can you produce, and that’s not enough - so in steps government to mortgage the future.

The main driver behind today’s catastrophe is the U.S. Federal Reserve. This unconstitutional institution that came to be through a coup-like trickery almost a hundred years ago is out in force again. The FED is ready to pump another $600bn into the economy over the next eight months in a bid to resuscitate America's flagging recovery.

Remember what I said above? 1$=$1 and you cannot conjure up something out of thin air.

The FED summons up this $600bn from pressing a few buttons on their computer. It’s not backed by production, it doesn’t have gold, silver or even cars as underlying fundament to keep some value attached to it. No, its monopoly money conjured up from nothing, backed by nothing.

What is probably confusing to you here is that if all else stays equal it doesn’t really matter what the notes say or how many of them they print. If the money gets equally distributed throughout the economy nothing would change. They could print $9856844 trillion or withdraw almost all dollars in circulation and nothing would change. It doesn’t matter whether a cookie costs $1 or $100, as long as all else stay the same. Today’s fiat currencies are just numbers, fictive and arbitrary numbers, and so if equally distributed to all at the same time, nothing changes.

Do you understand this? If you do, you should also wonder why central banks and governments embark on such a fantastic tale of quantitative easing.

There are two main reasons for it, each more sinister than other.

First, and most important for the elitist sphere, the money printed does NOT get equally distributed. Before anything else it goes to banks and financial institutes, and some of it trickles over to government.

Why is this important?

Because the ones who get the money first will hurt the least and can use the cash to shop, invest or spend with very little effect on prices. Just imagine you’d got $100bn (FOR FREE!) and can buy other corporations, invest in stocks or buy treasuries for that money before anyone else gets their hands on it. It’s like being handed the key to the chocolate factory!

In the next step, when someone else uses the money, prices have gone slightly up (have you watched the stock index lately?), and they use it, still beneficiary though. Then the money goes over to a third part, a fourth and so on. When the freshly printed money reaches the little guy, ordinary folks, and hardworking citizen’s prices on this and that have increased and the money has lost in value since there’s more of it in circulation.

Or, to put it in the simplest of terms; QE is a way to make the rich richer and the poor poorer!

Best of all; very few of you sheople out there understand it!

It’s an elitist wet dream! And you suckers fall for it every time.

The second reason they print money out of thin air backed by nothing is to inflate certain areas of the economy. As mentioned above certain fields and institution gets the money first and if you can, somehow, predict where they put the money, where they invest it or save it – well then you can also predict what area of the economy that will be “in a recovery”…

Today they point to the stock market going up, they say that investments are picking up speed again; they say that banks are solvent again. Never mind the printing press behind the curtain!

In this way they can trick you, pundits, so called economists, politicians and even themselves into a phony frenzy where bundles of spanking new dollars/pounds/kronas/yen is driving the economy forward.

It’s an illusionary trick worthy of any magician and almost everyone falls for it every time, despite the trick being done in the open without hiding anything from you.

IF they can do this at a certain level they can increase GDP, conjure up fake economic numbers and paint over many problems, BUT – only temporarily.

If the real financial fundaments and actual production doesn’t pick up speed during this magical act, then the economy is actually in worse shape than before. There’s a window of “hope” for those in charge; a year, two years, maybe three years depending on the country, during which new inventions, better production or an increase in foreign investments can push their QE-madness aside and lead to actual recovery.

No-one know exactly what level of QE is the correct one to reach the desired effect, but the worst problem with this tactic is that it seems sooo gooood. Almost every ruler, every pharaoh, king or government that has ever existed have tricked themselves, and their people, into this spiral of printing-borrowing-higher prices. Because it’s illusional, it seems people are getting more money; it seems that prices are going up because of want and demand, and the big time investors, banksters and the very rich are very happy consequently are able to lend the Pharaoh, king or government money for wars or any other fun activity.

So they won’t do it one time as an extraordinary measure, instead it becomes the remedy for all times and for all sorts of problems. It’s so easy. Press a few buttons and whoosh, instant prosperity.

But $1=$1, and you cannot conjure up something out of thin air.

So in steps inflation!

Not higher prices, which they want you to think is inflation. No, real and actual inflation i.e. money losing in value.

Ever wondered why your grandparents could buy a new car for $100 and a house for $3000? This is why. Inflation happened over the years.

If all else stayed equal, as mentioned before, it wouldn’t matter, but taxation is often based on prices and level of salaries which doesn’t take into account inflation. So the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, which is what QE does, isn’t enough, that extra printed money also comes with extra taxation and, as a funny consequence, higher prices, which also leads to extra taxation.

Ever wondered why your grandparents could buy a house, own two cars and live quite comfortably on ONE salary without indebting themselves into oblivion?

We should be much richer today; we should be able to live on a tenth of a salary of our grandparents. We can’t. Inflation happened. Your government and the rich stole your income and mortgaged you, your children and your grandchildren. And you let it happen.

As an additional bonus we get boom and bust circles as government and central banks in a never ending scam continues to print, borrow, and spend. Each time they inflate the bubbles they tear into the basic fabric of our production and producing capacity, and each time making things worse.

I am not, again, going to show you graphs, point to facts or argue the case of reality. What you only need to know is that somewhere down the line, in all likelihood very soon, the scams perpetrated by elitists across the globe will collapse. This time the level of the scams, the height of the trickery is unprecedented. Never before in history has so much debt, so many scams, and so many problems been swept under the carpet.

It can be an agonizing long horrible ride, like that of the Japanese example over the latest 20years, but in all likelihood it will go very quickly. And the magnitude of this crash, the mother of all crashes, will overshadow anything you can possibly imagine. Think the “Great Depression” times twenty or worse.

I cannot tell you exactly how bad it’s going to be or if you’re gonna make it.

What I can tell you is that this monster mega-crash will happen. It’s unavoidable.

Math and reality doesn’t tell lies.

$1=$1, and you cannot conjure up something out of thin air.

You will all be shot down. Some will only get injured, some may even find a way to benefit, but some will die. Literarily die. And I am not only talking about the tens of millions of people living on the edge of starvation, no, I am referring to you.

A bullet fired from this financial revolver will tear through your skin, then your muscle fibers, then crumble your bone, then pierce through one of your organs in an abhorrent, abominable, appalling, atrocious, awful, cruel, despicable, detestable, dire, dreadful, excruciating, execrable, fearful, formidable, ghastly, gruesome, grim, grisly, gruesome, harrowing, heinous, hideous, horrendous, horrid, horrific, loathsome, mean, nasty, nefarious, obnoxious, repulsive, revolting, shocking, terrible, ugly, unbearable, ungodly, unpleasant, unspeakable, vile manner just like every other gun.

For those few of you reading this; remember who your real enemy is. It’s not business men; it’s not the market or capitalism. It’s not even socialism despite me (and others) sometimes arguing just that. There are socialist traits, but this is really about greed, about power, and it is a fascist collaboration between government and the big sharks. The ones that you should target are government, politicians in general, big oily banksters, journalists that lie to you or cover up the truth, diplomats and bureaucrats. Every smug madman smiling at you from the headlines arguing that more money in circulation and government borrowing is a good thing is your enemy.

But if truth be told, if you really want to blame someone for the approaching Greatest Depression, you’d only need to look into a mirror. You voted for it. You cheered for it. You like them bossing you around.

You are an idiot.

So, I guess you won't understand this post either eh?


  1. Ssshhhh plz, I'm watching the telly.

  2. What if gold was to be revalued 100 times in an instant move and the nations budgets get balanced again?
    Pardon my french ;)

  3. Anonymous 1:
    Sorry, when big Baaaa speaks all her little sheople should listen… You’re a good boy.

    Anonymous 2:
    I’m not sure what you mean. First of all how can something be revalued 100 times in an instant? Seems to be a psychical and linguistical impossibility to me. Secondly, national budgets cannot magically re-adjust themselves. If so we would never have any sort of problem.