Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Demopublican party wins - as always

You vote, we feast and dance!

From one perspective the electoral result in the U.S. with the hag Nancy Pelosi losing the speaker's gavel and GOP winning at least 50 seats, more than enough needed to take over the House, can be regarded as a good thing. The voters did kick a little on an already going down Obamination, a couple of new house representatives can be regarded as good people, and at least some of the maddening schemes will come to a halt.

Top Republicans gleefully claimed victory, as they should, from their perspective. They got several new well-paid jobs, and more people in government consequently more hands in the cookie jar. Not only did they gain cushy jobs in the House and at federal levels, they’ve also put their grabby little oily mittens on at least 10 governorships, with some additional governorships still too close to call.

So shouldn’t I, as a representative of the far, far right cheer on? Shouldn’t I be happy?


A slightly lesser evil is still evil, and from an economic perspective this may actually make things worse. The republicans may put a slight halt to the Marxist wheel, maybe reduce the harm made to certain sectors, maybe even cut a few corners, but will they actually take action and reduce the massive deficit and be brave enough to start eliminating the enormous benefit mountain that is bleeding America from within?


And since the only thing keeping U.S. from crashing right now is phony numbers, mad Ponzi schemes and the FED’s inflationary policies, it makes you wonder what any republican tampering will do to this volatile situation.

Looking at other interesting things, will republicans reduce the number of military bases abroad, reduce the military budget and stop the wars?


Will republicans dismantle the surveillance nightmare earlier governments have put in place?


Will the republicans start prosecuting banksters and clean up a totally fraudulent housing system?


Will they end the FED and bring back real money?


Most likely they will totally ignore such issues or, even more likely, they will increase government in these areas. As said - evil!

If they actually won’t do anything about the real problems of the economy, which they won’t, and at the same time only arbitrarily stop a couple of Democrat suggestions and make only symbolic cuts and having to fight the senate and the president while doing so I actually think such a situation will make matters worse, not better.

The two-party system is a scam; it’s all about the ‘Demopublican’ party winning again and again. No matter who gets the power the power stays within the confine of the elite. Sadly not even the hijacked by republicans Tea Party movement seem to get that.

Leftie media tries to paint out the Tea Baggers as some kind of grassroots movement from the far right. Of course filled with racists KKK members, gun-toting maniacs, religious fanatics and horrible pro-lifers. Although such individuals do exists within the Tea Party ranks, they have very little impact and are so few they would hardly be noticed... but media finds them, of course, and portray them as the spokespersons of the entire movement. That’s how journalists work. In the real world its normal Americans, average people that simple have had enough. Republicans may think they’ve managed to tap into that and made them theirs, but that won’t last very long. Not with a full out bloody depression just around the corner and with republicans lacking the will to actually do something about it.

And the very foundation of the Tea Party is rather libertarian than conservative and if there is a founding father of the Tea Party movement it’s probably Ron Paul, the libertarian congressman from Texas. Sadly human rights and back-to-American-basics views have been left out more and more as republicans stole the show.

There’s a pant up rage within the U.S. and it’s still there, and when the people finds out, AGAIN, that republicans are nothing more than slightly better dressed Democrats and this while the economy continues to go from worse to horrible, I would not want to be in any politicians shoes…

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