Thursday, October 7, 2010

The very essence of government III

There are a lot of fun things in this world. I can hardly keep myself on my feet whenever I watch the news. War, rape, murder, robbery, and lots of other very amusing things are conveyed to us from bought and paid for journalists.

And the stupidity! Oh my, oh my.

I mean really, why would any extraterrestrial ever want to come here - other than to sit and watch the drama from above with their equivalent of popcorn? I am utterly convinced that if there really are Aliens out there with the technology to come here, they have put up a sign somewhere around Saturn that says “Don’t go here, but if you do don’t feed the animals”.

Human life should be more than having a pizza and beer while watching the latest reality show, but it isn’t.

On a small little blue dot in the corner of one out of billions of galaxies, mankind evolved. According to the theory of evolution the first life came into existence about 5 billion years ago as a result of billions of years of accidental, random atomic collisions. Scientists call this development of the first living organisms from nonliving matter abiogenesis, a sort of virgin-birth. Despite, or maybe because off, meteorites, volcanoes, and cosmic radiation life begun and flourished.

Throughout the ages several apocalypses have destroyed much of life on this planet, just to see it emerge again, victorious. One out of the species transformed into an upstanding primate capable of imagining fantastic things like tools, how to control fire and even contemplate its self-existence.

By evolutionary standards and taking a distant look at our lives, our existence is very short, insignificantly short. Not a single one of us, no scientist, no athlete, no politician, not a single one will have any impact whatsoever on the universe. Maybe some chaos-theorist can argue the comforting thought that we may cause an earthquake or tornado thousands of years from now if we fart in bed today, but mainly we are irrelevant, a nonsense species that happens to be able to grasp how tiny we really are.

But despite all that one needs to stand in awe for what people are capable of, if they put their mind to it, if they are able to grow and use the intellect that is so unique. We exist, we have essence and we can understand it. When I see a science fiction movie or read about paranormal things, I don’t see such things as unbelievable, I see them as a matter of time. Sooner or later we will figure out how to travel faster than light, invent anti-gravity and teleportation devices. I’m absolutely sure of it. That is if we allow ourselves to do it.

And that last sentence is really the point. “If we allow ourselves”.

Today I would argue an emphatically no to that. We have reached a point where we no longer need to evolve, and if we do, government can fix it for us.

Government – the ultimate fix-it machine can handle everything. Because we mere mortals cannot. Women cannot give birth without government approved doctors. Children would never learn anything if it wasn’t for government controlled schools with government approved curriculums. The elderly would die from malnourishment and neglect if government wasn’t there to fix it. And without departments checking our food, water and clothes we would all soon die from starvation, attract countless diseases and burn alive because we didn’t used fire proof clothing.

Mankind’s worse enemy, from the very start, has been herself. The very same intellect capable of inventing marvelous things is also capable of conjuring up our own destruction. And throughout the notion of ‘collective’ have been the main culprit. Not collective as in helping each other or being a part of a whole, but rather the notion of group-thinking, us against them, red against black, white against yellow, team against team, nation against nation. This is what’s really behind all the religious wars, the confiscation of one group’s property to give to another and so forth. And the ultimate representative of collectivism is government.

We have become the victims of our own success. We have come so far that we today have the means to feed, clothe and take care of every single person on this planet, but this accomplishment also means we are relaxing, not taking proper actions to evolve further and in doing nothing, or hardly nothing, we have also become followers of those in charge. It’s easier to put the head back and nibble on processed food than to take charge of ourselves and really question our surroundings. There is always someone else that can collect our garbage, make our food, and sew our coats. This laziness that historically speaking have worked in our favor, making us invent things to save time, is now in our way. The apathy is hanging over humankind like a damp quilt.

Give people free gifts and they accept pretty much anything. Government knows this and takes full advantage of it.

Under the disguise of democracy, seemingly a good force, the elitists are doing just this, tricking us with nice words. Want equality? The government can fix that; just put your name on the dotted line saying you accept higher taxes. Want freedom? Sure, you can have that, but first you need to give up your rights of privacy and recognize government’s absolute power over you.

And whenever we don’t listen they use words and pretend animosity to make us listen. The most common way of doing this is the usage of ‘war’. Not necessarily the traditional war wherein combatants fight over some elusive, often made-up, cause on the battlefield. Rather they use the word ‘war’ as a way of stating how serious something is and how important it is for all inhabitants to fight on the “correct side”. Anyone against is marked as traitor and unpatriotic, and often, somehow, children are also involved – if you’re against the war on drugs, you want children to be addicts, if you’re against the war on poverty you want children to starve to death.

The war against traffic-death, the war against unemployment, the war against inflation, the war against racism. Sound familiar?

Of course they also use other words to further make their case. Like in the US, a country fighting a war against supposed terrorism, but in doing so seemingly needed to throw out the constitution and impose the Patriot Act. How about that one? You’re either fighting against terrorism or you are unpatriotic, or so the words tell us. The reality is of course the complete opposite.

If it weren’t for the dark ages we would probably be colonization space right now, and if it weren’t for the 20th century, the era of collectivism, we would have taken great leaps towards the future. And if it weren’t for today’s statism, which is growing exponentially, we wouldn’t have starving people or wars. Maybe older time’s citizens could blame the high and mighty or a lack of knowledge for their obedient following, but can we really claim the same today? These days all the information necessary for us to make informed, rational and intelligent decision is all around us. Despite all the propaganda, you can find it.

In reality, if you really want someone to blame for your unemployment, famine or murdering hostilities, you only need to look in a mirror. You voted for them, you have cheered them on, and, more importantly, you haven’t done anything other than to sit back with another beer.

Our ancestors would revolt if taxes increased, if the king did something too stupid or if wars went on for too long. Today we sit back in our chair and when suits from the taxation agency stops by to take the house we ask them to bring another beer from the fridge. All the while wars are prolonged, the banking cartels continue to rob us blind, and government rule over us with a power far greater than that of any Pharaoh or Monarch.

Apathy is what we are, apathy what we have become, and behind the curtain government mock us and rubs its oily hands together in a pure supervillain manner.

Government is the solution, government can fix it, and government will take care of us. Those are the sentences that rule supreme today, and you let it happen.

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