Thursday, October 7, 2010

The very essence of government II

War. Has there ever been a more fun thing to do? Humans have been waging wars since the first caveman clubbed his neighbor. Hundreds of millions have died on the battlefield; hundreds of millions more have died from famine, disease and poverty because of wars.

We humans like war. We love it.

And the only entity capable of starting wars, government, loves it even more. War can be used to conquer new land; it can be used to gain riches for the elite, and it can be used to overshadow any other problem. If the economy is bad, if unemployment is high, and if people want more freedom – what better way to circumvent such things than to have a vile enemy to fight?

War can also, today, be used to cover up financial problems. You see today we use GDP to measure wealth and if you build big bombs and create lots of guns and then go kill people, GDP goes up.

War is great.

And males, who are the main instigators of war, can gain a lot from building big ships that throws big missiles. A phallus shaped rocked flies into enemy territory, explodes, and kills other men... Aaah… orgasmic isn’t it?

Government however doesn’t only love war and use it to cover up their inapt ideas; they also lie and cover up what happens within war and what consequences war brings.

Read the news lately? How many articles about smart bombs, war tactics and how big ships and rockets are? And how many articles about suffering families, raped women and mutilated children? War is supposed to be great and bring honor and glory. War is not supposed to be misery and children losing their legs. And they do a very fine job handing us the correct message.

They do an even better job when it comes to bringing down the other guy. The adversary is a women hating thug, a religious fanatic that wants us all dead, a Neanderthal without morals.

Take the war in Afghanistan as an example.

This is a war that started on very shady premises. Apparently we had a corrupt regime that hated women, supported Bin Laden, and oppressed its people. Also they had a big drug operation going on. So of course they needed to be bombed.

9 years of war later the Talibans has been replaced with an even more corrupt regime that also hate women. Drug trade has never, in the entire history of the country, flourished like it does today. The former regime that actually didn’t support Alky Aida, are today close to allies with this terrorist group. The Talibans are stronger today, and have more supporters today than they did before the war started. And in the process tens of thousands have died and hundreds of thousands are homeless or on the run.

A success story? Not really.

The U.S. lead coalition has killed so many, done so much harm and committed so many war crimes that I can certainly relate to anyone wanting to strike back. I would. And if you were in these poor people’s bloody shoes, I believe you would think the same. 9/11 was a tragedy, but when does the “revenge” end? How many millions need to die so Americans can feel “safer”? Are a dozen or so suicide fanatics from Saudi Arabia performing a horrible terrorist attack equal to invading several countries (that had nothing to do with it) and going on a rampage murdering families, children and hundreds of thousands of innocent people?

I don’t deny that there are very bad people out there, some outright evil, and maybe you could even argue that invading two countries and killing all these people and committing all these atrocities is worth it. Maybe, just maybe it makes the world safer. I cannot see how, but maybe that’s a correct conclusion. But if that’s the case I would still not waver in my firm belief that people getting attacked have the right to strike back.

The Afghan people didn’t orchestrate any terrorist attack on U.S. soil; the Talibans didn’t attack any European country. So if we invade their country and murder so many, do you really think they will be grateful for it? Do you really think they won’t strike back?

There will be terrorist attacks coming our way, but not when government warns about it so right now you’re pretty safe. And can you really blame these “terrorists” if they do? If so, why? Picture yourself in their shoes and tell me that you wouldn’t be thinking about revenge or attacking back. I would, and I am certain you would feel the same.

We can be sure that government won’t let that feeling or revelation take hold. The propaganda machine will spin any terrorist attack into a virtual goldmine and use it as a way to stay in Afghanistan and possibly expand the war (Iran?). They attacked us, how dare they? Here we are murdering their families and killing their children and they have the audacity to attack us! What religious Neanderthal women hating drug running fanatic would do such a thing?

And okay, let’s say the U.S. and their actual allies have something to do in Afghanistan. There is no real reason for it and the whole thing is very bizarre, but let’s say there are good reasons for the killing and murdering. If so, what the hell are all those other countries doing there?

Take my birth nation Sweden as example. For the love of Beelzebub and all his glory, why does Sweden need to send troops to Afghanistan? We haven’t been at war for 200 years, but all of a sudden we need to send troops to support the US war machine.

They say it is to help the poor underdeveloped dark skinned Muslims living there. Apparently they are starving and they need protection from other poor underdeveloped dark skinned fanatic Neanderthal Muslims. Eee… okay…

Why would Afghans seeing foreign troops on their soil regard one group as friendly but the other one as the enemy? Would you make that distinction if it was your country?

But as we have already established: war is hilarious!

Why should only American’s and their allies have all the fun?

Even funnier it becomes when the troops Sweden have sent are undermanned, poorly equipped and need to rely on American support whenever they are in trouble. In essence more coffins coming our way. Fun, fun, fun!



  1. Om du skall länkhora föreslår jag att du gör det med klickbara länkar och inte dolda dito. Har nu filtrerat bort dig från min Twingly-widget så dina inlägg inte får gratis reklam hos mig utan att jag får något tillbaka.

  2. Ingen aning om vad du mumlar om. Gå och svamla ditt nonsens någon annanstans.

  3. Odd blogg - an English language blog, yet the comments are in some other language... And you mean "the U.S." not "the US". I also notice that you repeatedly write "Taliban's" when you mean "Talibans". The former indicate possessive form, and the later plural. (And if you ever wish to combine the two, you would write "Talibans'".) Just trying to be helpful. :) By the way, Afghans are definitely not "dark skinned" in any sense of the word. Finally, what is "undermanned"?

  4. Anonymous
    Thanks. Great stuff. I’m Swedish and so are a few of my readers and since most of the stuff I write is linked to Swedish sites or Swedish blogs, sometimes the comments become Swedish. But it’s not uncommon with French and Spanish comments, don’t know why though…

    Write in English for several reasons. Living abroad English is good to have, and although sort of fluent I want to learn more perfect English so I write in that language to perfect the skill. Still have small misses when building sentences and grammar has never been a friend of mine, so thank you for some pointers.